Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

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Why study the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)?

Pharmacists make a difference to people's health in hospitals, aged-care facilities and local communities. Our course gives you the knowledge, experience and expertise you need to make a difference from the moment you graduate as a medicine expert and healthcare professional. Pharmacists are in high demand in Malaysia, with the ratio to population about 1:2000.

As part of your degree, you will cover applied pharmaceutical sciences, enabling sciences, clinical and therapeutic sciences, and pharmacy practice, and gain the professional skills and other attributes required of a pharmacist.

Pharmacists are health professionals with the skills and knowledge to help patients understand and use medication. They also play a significant role in new drug development and innovation. We will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to make a difference too.

Areas of study

As an undergraduate student studying pharmacy at Monash, you’ll cover the six fundamental theme:

  • The structure and function of the body - how the body works, including studies of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry relevant to the discipline.
  • Drug structure, disposition and action - how medicines work, including studies of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics relevant to the discipline.
  • Professional practice - what pharmacists do, including the sociocultural context in which the pharmacist and customer operates, social and health practice issues, as well as the ethical and legal context of pharmacy.
  • Comprehensive care - how to manage diseases and disorders, including the relationship between pathophysiology and the design and use of drugs in treating various health conditions.
  • Inquiry and innovation - how to employ problem-solving and innovative thinking skills in a laboratory, clinical, social or business environment.
  • Professional experience - work based training programs and internships.


The course takes four years of full-time study to complete.

Course structure

The Monash University Handbook has detailed information about the structure and requirements for the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours).

Career outcomes

The demand for pharmacists in Malaysia and the region is high, and pharmacists will likely remain a sought-after profession in the foreseeable future. Graduates will be able to find employment in the following sectors:

    * Medication management
    * Pharmaceutical care
    * Retailing
    * Management
    * Health promotion
    * Clinical pharmacy  
    * Management
    * Total Parenteral Nutrition
    * Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
    * Outpatient Pharmacy
    * Drug Information Services
    * The Pharmaceutical Control Bureau
    * The Pharmacy Services Division
    * Research and development
    * Clinical research
    * Regulatory affairs
    * Product information
    * Sales and marketing
    * Management
    * Pharmacy officer
    * Academia
    * Research and development

To be a registered pharmacist in Malaysia, you must complete an additional one-year, pre-registration program under the supervision of the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia. More on career opportunities for pharmacists in Malaysia is available at the School of Pharmacy website.

Entry requirements

To enter Monash University, students must satisfy particular academic, English language , age requirements and the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia’s requirements.

Entry scores

You will need the following entry scores for the Bachelor of Pharmacy:

Commencing Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) in 2019/2020* 75%*
A Level GCE 12
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education 21
Indian School Certificate Examination 77%
All India Senior School Certificate Examination 83%
SMA3, Indonesia Please refer to to find out the entry score
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB Diploma Program) 33
STPM, Malaysia 9.7
UEC, Malaysia 2.6
Malaysia, Matriculation Program 3.33
Ontario Secondary School Diploma  87.9%
Sri Lankan General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) 13
High School Diploma, Vietnam 8.56
UNSW Foundation Studies 8.5

*The undergraduate entry requirements published are for students who commence the MUFY program in 2020/2021.


Chemistry and Mathematics (Australian Higher Year 12 equivalent) is Monash University’s formal prerequisite.

Additional Requirements by Pharmacy Board of Malaysia 

All applicants are required to have a biology subject as a prerequisite requirement and meet the minimum score/grade.

All applicants are required to meet the minimum entry requirements as set by the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia before enrolling into the course. For more information, please refer to:

Malaysian applicant must obtain at least a C grade in Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) and English in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or equivalent before enrolling into the course.

These requirements may change in accordance with the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia’s requirement.

Please contact us at for more information.


In 2021, annual tuition fees for this course are:

  • RM53,025 for Malaysian students
  • RM59,996 for international students.

Once-only fees

  • Application - RM100
  • Registration - RM200

Per-semester fee

  • General amenities - RM100

For more details on the student pass application fee, please click  here.

Intake periods

There is one intake period each year in February for the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours).

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