Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)

KPT/JPT (R/481/6/0709) 11/25 - MQA/SWA13363

Why study a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)?

Software is everywhere. It does everything from dispensing medicine to controlling flight paths to monitoring and shaping our shopping habits. Our world’s major companies, governments and organisations depend on smartly designed and well-built software. And they rely on the expertise of skilled software engineers to make it happen.

As a software engineer, you will apply engineering principles to systematically analyse, develop and improve software to ensure it runs effectively, safely and securely. You will acquire high-level programming expertise, but software engineering goes well beyond writing code. Most modern IT systems are so complicated that teams of people must work together to create them. This specialisation’s emphasis on collaborative studio-based learning will give you strong skills in teamwork, project management and communication.

You can apply for the highly regarded IT Industry Based Learning (IBL) program to do a half-year placement with leading Malaysian and global organisations. Placement counts towards your course and is supported by scholarship.

Areas of study


Core Units

  • Computing for engineers
  • Mathematics for engineering
  • Engineering design A: lighter, faster, stronger
  • Engineering design B: cleaner, safer, smarter
  • Design C: engineering mobile applications

General Studies Unit

  • Leadership and Innovation

Elective Units

Select two units from:

  • Chemistry I advanced
  • Physics for engineering
  • Mechanics of fluids (level two)
  • Telecommunications (level two)
  • Digital systems (level two)
  • Introduction to Systems Engineering (level two)
  • Programming fundamentals in Java
  • Introduction to computer systems, networks and security

Total: 48 points


Core Units

  • Object oriented analysis, design & implementation
  • Introduction to computer science for engineers
  • Discrete mathematics for computer science
  • Software engineering process and management
  • Software quality & testing
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Operating systems

Elective Units

  • 1 elective unit from offered at School of IT

Total: 48 points


Core units

  • Software engineering practice
  • Software engineering architecture & design
  • Computer architecture
  • Databases

Elective Units

  • 3 elective units, with at least 2 from Level 3 or above FIT units

Total: 48 points


Core units

  • Software engineering studio project
  • Computer networks
  • Software engineering research project

Elective units

  • 3 elective units, with at least 2 from Level 3 of above FIT units, and 1 Level 4 of above FIT unit

The Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) focuses highly on the current industry-strength programming languages, technologies and systems in the form of practical components, electives and projects.

Level two and three are designed to develop ‘core professional’ skills. It comprises the core principles consistent in software construction and maintenance: fundamental software processes and life-cycles; mathematical foundations of software engineering; requirements analysis; software engineering methodologies and standard notations; principles of software architecture and re-use; software quality frameworks and validation; software development; and maintenance environments and tools.

Level four is seen as a period of specialisation. Each student must take both Software Engineering studio and research projects (12 points each) along with another core unit (6 points) and three Software Engineering electives (6 points each).


The course takes four years of full-time study to complete.

Course structure

The common first year lays a foundation in the basic sciences of mathematics, physics and chemistry and introduces the disciplines available to you for further study. You will learn to apply your developing maths and science knowledge to real-life problems and begin to understand the interaction between engineering and society.

Depending on academic performance and quotas, you can pursue a specific discipline from your second year of study.

Monash Malaysia campus students must undergo training in an industrial-based environment after their third year of study, as required by the Board of Engineers Malaysia’s Engineering Accreditation Council. After the 12-week training, students must submit a written report, detailing your work experience.

The Monash University Handbook has detailed information about the structure and requirements for the Bachelor of Engineering.

Career outcomes

Graduates can work in fields such as:

Software engineers help develop software for tele-communications, financial systems, aeronautics, medical devices, mobile devices, transportation systems, banking and insurance companies etc. They tend to hold technical, decision-making positions, such as Systems Analyst, Software Architect, Quality Analyst, and Project Manager.

Software engineers also work in teams with other software engineers, scientists, managers, and business people. These teams might consist of people in the next office or of people in locations all over the world. This project-rich specialisation is designed to address industry demand for tech-savvy graduates with large-scale software systems project capability.

Why not join this young and exciting field of engineering which is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge? Specialise in software engineering at Monash for an exciting career designing and creating the cutting-edge IT software systems that we all rely on.

Entry requirements

To enter Monash University, students must satisfy particular academic, English language and age requirements.

Entry scores

You will need the following entry scores for the Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours):

Commencing Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) in 2019/2020* 76.25%*
A Level GCE 11
Pearson International Advanced Level 12
ATAR 87.5
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education 20
Indian School Certificate 76%
All India Senior School Certificate 81%
SMA3, Indonesia Please refer to to find out the entry score
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB Diploma Program) 31
STPM, Malaysia 9.4
UEC, Malaysia 3
Program Matrikulasi (Matriculation Program), Malaysia 3.17
Ontario Secondary School Diploma 86.3%
Sri Lankan General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) 12
High School Certificate, Vietnam 8.49
UNSW Foundation Studies 8.25
Foundation in Science and Technology, Sunway College 77.5%
Monash College Diploma Part 1 ** 80%**
Monash College Diploma Part 2 ** 60%**

*The undergraduate entry requirements published are for students who commence the MUFY program in 2020/2021.

**The Monash College Diploma Part 1 and Part 2 entry requirements published are for students commencing their undergraduate destination degree in 2020/2021.


Mathematics (Australian Higher Year 12 equivalent) and at least one of Chemistry or Physics (Australian Year 12 equivalent) are formal prerequisites for the Bachelor of Engineering.


In 2021, annual tuition fees for this course are:

  • RM48,101 for Malaysian students
  • RM54,915 for international students.

Once-only fees

  • Application - RM100
  • Registration - RM200

Per-semester fee

  • General amenities - RM100

For more details on the student pass application fee, please click  here.

Intake periods

Each year, there are three intake periods for the Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours). This means that you can start in February, July or October.


Applications for credit can include credit transfer for previous study or recognition of prior learning.

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