Executive Education

Since our establishment in 1998, we have developed into a regional platform for quality education and research, serving the needs of communities in the region through the various undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered and the impactful, translational research delivered to address current issues.

The campus is now embarking on a new chapter by offering executive programs leveraging on our regional strength as a leading multidisciplinary research and innovative teaching hub.

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Available Programs

All our programs are HRDF claimable. The following are the programs available for registration.

Foundations for Effective Teaching (FET)

Participants will get to explore key educational theories and draw upon the evidence-base provided by recent scholarship and educational research in the field of higher education learning and teaching to create an understanding of what teaching excellence looks like within your discipline. Find out more.

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Navigating the Human Genome via Ensembl

Explore the exciting world of genomics in a hands-on workshop using Ensembl, a powerful open access integrated database for vertebrate genomes that was established to display and understand the sequencing data generated by the Human Genome Project and other sequencing initiatives. Find out more.

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Essential Skills in Active Facilitation of Active Learning (ESAFAL)

The ‘Essential Skills in Active Facilitation of Active Learning (ESAFAL)’ program provides opportunities for academic staff to explore the promise and potential benefits of using active learning techniques in the classroom and model ways for faculty to transform students from passive listeners to active learners. Find out more.

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Scientific Writing Workshop: A Guide to Getting Published in High Impact Journals

This program aims to instill in the participants the essentials of scientific writing while also providing best practices, tips and tricks on how to publish effectively and consistently in high impact journals. Successful completion of this program will grant 6 MPS-CPD points. Find out more.

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Contact Information

For more information please write to mum.ExecEd@monash.edu