Internal Course Transfer

You can apply for an internal course transfer if you want to transfer from one coursework degree to another in Monash Malaysia. You can only transfer between the same course level (e.g. from one bachelor degree to another bachelor degree) and only if you haven't completed your course. If you are completing your current course and wish to enrol in a new course, you will need to apply again as a new student. For more details, please refer here.

Masters by research or doctoral degree students should contact their School Research Office for course transfer eligibility. If you're applying to transfer from Monash Malaysia to an Australian campus please refer here for further information.


To be eligible for a course transfer, you must:

  • be a current Monash student (you must maintain your enrolment)
  • meet the prerequisites for the new course
  • perform at an appropriate level in your current course
  • successfully completed at least 12 credit points of your current course


A change in course requires international students to apply for a new Student Pass. The following are student pass requirements for the change of course as provided by EMGS.

  • If you are applying for a change in course after your first year of study, you are required to exit Malaysia and apply for a student pass with the new course name while overseas.
  • Application for a new student pass due to a change of course is permitted up to a maximum of two times throughout your period of study in Malaysia

All student pass application approvals are subject to Immigration Department of Malaysia’s discretion. Please read the information regarding the change of course FAQs and requirements by EMGS here.

The actual requirements for transfer may be higher

These are set by the Managing Faculty, including the number of completed credit points required to be considered for a transfer. Check the course transfer requirements carefully with the Course Management Office, before making an application for a transfer.

Credit for previous studies

If successful, you may be eligible for credit. Credit is awarded only if your previous studies are relevant to the new course.

Application for Semester July 2021

Application dates for Semester Two 2021

Application Deadline for International Students13 July 2021
Application Deadline for Malaysian Students20 July 2021
Commencement Date26 July 2021

** The published dates are for Monash Malaysia students transferring courses within Monash Malaysia.

For  students applying to transfer for Monash Australia courses, please refer here.

For Monash Australia students applying to transfer to Monash Malaysia courses. you will need to submit a new application to us. For the application process, please refer here.

How to Apply

  1. Check the additional entry requirements for course transfers with the relevant School:
    1. Any restrictions to transfer considering your current course or location
    2. Minimum WAM – you'll be able to see your current course and WAM when you apply for a transfer
    3. Prerequisite units
    4. Specific documentation to include with your application
    5. Other Course specific requirements (if any)
  2. Submit an online application via the Internal Course Transfer form

After you Apply

  1. If successful, you‘ll receive an offer letter together with a credit letter (if any) via email
  2. If your course transfer has been declined by the School, you'll be notified the outcome via email

Accept your Offer

  • Submit the requested documents via Finance Helpdesk or directly at the Finance Counter located at Building 2, Level 1 before the offer lapse date as stated in the offer letter:
    • Acceptance Form
    • Payment Receipt of the Initial Fee Payment as stated in the table below
 A percentage of semester Tuition Fee (RM)Amenities Fee (RM)Other Fees
Malaysian Student2,000 100N/A
International Student2,000100Student Pass and Insurance Fee
  • For international students:
    • Read the checklist on documents required for your New Student Pass application
    • Submit this form to start applying for your student pass. Find out more information about your student pass application here.


  1. Malaysian Students can proceed with enrolment for the new course once they have submitted the acceptance form and payment receipt to us for the new course.
  2. International students are allowed enrollment after completing the student pass application process. Please liaise closely with the Admissions and Student Pass Office.