If you have applied for and accepted an offer in a course at Monash University Malaysia, you need to contact your school about how to finalise your enrolment. Your school will advise you if this is to be done through a ‘Course Enrolment Form’ or through the Web Enrolment System (WES).

The enrolment process allows you to meet a school course adviser, ask questions, and discuss your unit selection and course structure. Once you have registered your arrival, you will be asked to enrol in individual units of your course.

Completing the enrolment requirements

The documents that you received in your offer package will have more information on how to:

  • complete course enrolment forms and use the Web Enrolment System (WES)
  • lodge a completed enrolment questionnaire
  • pay the amenities fee
  • pay your tuition fees
  • comply with any other statutory requirements.

Make sure that you complete all the enrolment requirements or your enrolment may be cancelled or invalid.

International students

If you are an international student, you also need comply with other requirements. For example, before you arrive in Malaysia, you need to organise a Student Pass and health insurance, which we organise for you when you accept your offer.

Course advice sessions

As a new student, it is really important that you attend the course advice sessions organised by the schools.

Please make sure that you check with your school for more information on their specific enrolment requirements.


One week before the semester commences, you will take part in an orientation program specifically designed to help new students adjust to life at Monash University Malaysia. Check your dates and make sure that you arrive at the University in time for this program.

More information

Contact Student Services for more information on enrolment and re-enrolment for new and current students.