Accept an offer

Congratulations! You are one step away from securing a place at Monash University

To accept your *Offer, you must complete the following before the lapse date stated in your Offer letter:

  1. Complete and sign-off the Acceptance Form.
  2. Pay the initial fee/deposit mentioned in your Offer letter. We provide various payment options for your convenience. Check out our fee payment methods here.
  3. Submit the completed acceptance form and proof of payment via Finance Helpdesk.
  4. If you are accepting Full Offer for Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Monash University Malaysia, you are required to complete and submit the Medical Examination Form.

If you don’t accept by the deadline, your offer will lapse and you must re-apply for admission.

*Applicable for our Full Offer students and Conditional Offer (international students and MD students only).

Apply for a student pass (international students)

International students must:

A valid student pass is essential for all international students. You need to arrange this before you can complete your course enrolment or start your studies.

Consider your accommodation options

Will you need accommodation while you are living in Sunway? There are a range of accommodation options located within walking distance of the campus.