Natasha Lee Ann

International Exchange | University of Warwick, United Kingdom

What Natasha says

“It is truly a memorable and enjoyable experience and I encourage everyone reading this to go on an exchange to truly understand what I’m talking about. I learnt so much about myself during my time there and had the opportunity of meeting lots of wonderful people from all around the world! I had the best time of my life exploring an unfamiliar country and being accustomed to their culture”.

Thoughts on the University of Warwick

“Warwick is a great university and everyone should take this opportunity to come here for an exchange because it is a world class, reputable university with very complete facilities on campus. People here are beyond friendly and there isn’t any language barrier at all! Besides, it is almost hassle free because modules offered does overlap with Monash and it would be a rather smooth transition”.

Thoughts on the International Exchange program

“This experience made me grow as an individual. If anything, it has led to me appreciate the privileged life I’ve been living in Malaysia. Besides, in a society which is highly populated by Westerners, I developed something I’d like to think of as a skill - communicating and striking up conversations. There’s no language barrier to start off, however I noticed that cultural differences played a big part in the way we Asian communicate and also the content of what we talk about."

Life in the UK

“For us Malaysians who only experience summer all year long, England is a perfect choice for us to experience the 4 seasons. There is no need to worry about safety, language barrier, transportation, etc.! Britain is a huge melting pot and when you’re missing a taste of home (especially during festive seasons), rest assured you’ll be able to find good authentic cuisines."