Rebecca Tiffany Cater

Intercampus Exchange | Monash University Australia


What Rebecca says

“Going on exchange has been the most amazing experience of my life! Exchange in Malaysia has been a non-stop, eye opening, fun-filled experience - I don’t want to leave! I’m considering extending my stay here until the end of the year, because I have had such a positive experience so far! Exchange can seem a little bit daunting- travelling to a foreign country and not knowing anybody, but you forget about your worries as soon as you meet everybody and start having fun! There are amazing people to meet and awesome experiences to be had. Everybody should take advantage of the opportunity to travel to another country and be emerged in another culture, as it will be a life changing experience. Exchange has made me have more self-confidence, feel more social and more spontaneous. My exchange experience has reinforced my love of travelling and I definitely want to be able to live and work overseas in the future.”

“Apply for exchange, anywhere in the world, you definitely will not regret it!”

Thoughts on Monash University Malaysia

“I have found all the lecturers and tutors here in Malaysia are very passionate about their subjects and it makes the classes more engaging and interesting. Having classes with local stude nts has also increased my knowledge on Malaysian culture and local issues. I’ve been able to meet and make friends with even more people! Living on campus at SMR has been an absolutely awesome experience. You meet amazing people and create great friendships! It is like living in a massive share-house with a massive extended family. Monash Malaysia is also situated very centrally to KL which makes going out really easy. There are many great places to shop and eat which are a short walk from Monash as well. Malaysia is super cheap and the food here is very inexpensive and super tasty. The cost of living in Malaysia is low, but be prepared to factor in going out to party and travelling with everybody, maybe more often than you would back home!”

Life in Malaysia

“Lying on the beach, getting a tan, drinking and eating good food, and chilling with friends you have just met, is how every weekend should be! In Malaysia it’s possible! Malaysia has amazing islands and beach es to visit such as Langkawi, Tioman, Penang and Borneo. There is never a dull moment on the campus and you will always find something to do on the weekend!”