Maddison Kate Moncrieff

Intercampus Exchange | Monash University Australia

What Maddison says

“What I will remember the most from my exchange in Malaysia will be the incredible people that I have met and fostered friendships with throughout this journey. Monash Malaysia offers a valuable opportunity to meet and develop relationships with people from across the globe. I believe that all Monash students should take the opportunity to do exchange. Coming to Malaysia to study was the best decision I have ever made, and I couldn’t imagine my life had I not taken up the opportunity. The Monash Malaysia package incentives do make it easy for those without the financial resources to fund a European/American exchange, to be able to study abroad. With the Malaysian opportunity, I encourage anyone considering exchange to rethink their capabilities! Also, considering it has a much lower cost of living than Australia, Malaysia is ideal for living on a student budget.”

Thoughts on Monash University Malaysia

“Monash Malaysia has a great communal atmosphere. With so many on-campus activities, clubs and events, there is always something going on and new ways of meeting people with similar interests. Being that my home campus, Caulfield has a strong student society, my affirmation that Sunway’s club atmosphere is really amazing is a real credit to the social atmosphere that is cultivated here. In Malaysia, you can live right on campus with all of your friends from exchange! Sunway Monash Residence provides the opportunity for a great lifestyle, with a pool, gym, restaurants and other communal areas.”

Life in Malaysia

"Malaysia is particularly interesting because of its rich culture. It is so cool to live in a nation made up mainly of three different cultures: Indians, Chinese and Malays. The cultural activities and places to visit are so vastly interesting. For example, the beautiful mosques and temples, Little India at Brickfields and Chinatown. South East Asia in general has so many amazing places and cultures to explore! I’ve already travelled multiple parts of Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos and have so many more plans to travel around the South East Asian region. So many great countries are so close and so cheap to get to from KL."