Jake Anthony Langdon

Intercampus Exchange | Monash University Australia 

What Jake says

“Exchange put me on a platform where I was grouped with people so similar to myself, from all over the world - clever, fun and engaged people that I would never have otherwise met. Exchange is unifying. It is without doubt the best thing I have done with my Monash degree, even if it is the time where I feel I have done the least work. Everyone should do exchange for themselves, to have their own adventure anywhere in the world. Letting study abroad facilitate an education about other people and another country is an amazing start or opportunity to truly grow an appreciation for global values and a feeling of unity and understanding. Always, always, always say yes to an opportunity like this. I couldn’t be happier that I did.”

Thoughts on Monash University Malaysia

“The Monash Abroad office staff were always approachable and you could receive quick help on almost any matter that needed attention; clashing classes, issues with accommodation, queries about visas and anything about our requirements or activities or just for our weekends away. Studying the unit ‘Tropical Terrestrial Biology’ has revitalized me and reminded me of the reasons that I first wished to follow a science career. Gaining field experience is what I hoped to achieve more than anything from my Biology subjects here. Having the opportunity to travel to Taman Negara Mulu, a National Park in Borneo, to explore the landscape, helped fulfil this ambition.

Life in Malaysia

“Malaysia is an amazing place. Though I’m sure I’d say something similar about anywhere else in the world. Still, hospitality can be felt here that rivals that of many complete English speaking countries I have visited. To be able to get past a language barrier with so many people is a true indication of a genuine accommodating nature.”