Tips for parents

Encourage your children to embark on an exchange and study abroad experience. They will enrich their learning experience and enhance their personal growth and at the same time, embrace the joy of discovering new places, people and cultures.

Students who have experienced studying abroad will develop valuable critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills. They become independent, adaptable and responsible adults which will help them succeed in their future careers.

Our partner universities, similar to Monash Malaysia are top universities worldwide and through their facilities and services, are able to support your children in both their education and safety.

Please refer to the following checklist and links to help in your planning:

  • Affordability: Monash Malaysia students who are on exchange at a partner university or Monash South Africa are eligible for MYR 8,000 scholarship per semester and they continue to pay the Monash Malaysia tuition fees. Click here for more information.
  • My role as a parent: Help coordinate the application to meet the submission deadlines and organise the visa and flight arrangements once the exchange is confirmed. Review other requirements and contact the Monash Abroad office with any clarifications required.
  • Staying in touch with Monash Abroad: We encourage your child to contact us with their study abroad/exchange inquiries. Consultation hours are from Mondays to Fridays, 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. We conduct several information sessions as well as an exchange fair every semester.
  • Staying in touch with your child: Remember to constantly stay in touch with your child while he or she is abroad, especially in case of emergency.
  • Your child is about to embark on a new and exciting adventure. Read our past students’ exchange experiences here.