Faculty Overseas Program

Monash faculties plan and run various programs for you to choose from. The Arts in Prato Semester is the most popular choice for our students!

What are faculty overseas programs

Worried about spending too long away from the comforts of home? Perhaps you may prefer a shorter study abroad option of about two to eight weeks? If so, our faculty overseas programs may be a better option for you. The faculties have planned multiple options such as study tours, practical placements, in – country language programs, cultural tours and intensive units which you may complete abroad.

Monash faculties plan and run the programs, thus offering you a broad range of short term programs to choose from across multiple destinations.

The Arts in Prato Semester is the most popular program of choice amongst our students.

How does it work

With the faculty overseas program, you are allowed to study either a core or an elective unit of your choice (subject to approval by your course management office) while exploring exotic overseas locations such as Prato, China, France and Korea amongst other destinations. The duration of the programs is typically four weeks, however it may vary and the programs are often conducted during semester breaks.

As part of the program you will:

  • study one or more units overseas that fit into your current Monash course
  • pay related program fees directly to the organising faculty

Where can I go and what can I study

You can go to the Monash Abroad Portal to find out more about the various short-term opportunities available.

The Monash Prato Centre in Italy is one of our most popular faculty overseas program destination. Monash Prato, located in the heart of Tuscany is approximately 30 minutes from Florence and 2 hours from Rome and 3 hours from Milan. Nevertheless, there are many other destinations across the globe where we conduct the faculty overseas programs. For example, in-country language courses allow you to observe and absorb the local culture, be exposed and experience the lifestyle and learn the skill over a short period of time.

How much will it cost

You will pay your regular tuition fees at Monash Malaysia and in some cases, you may need to pay an additional program fee directly to the organising faculty.

Travel scholarships may be available for these programs.


To be eligible to apply, you need to:

  • be currently enrolled in a Monash undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree
  • apply for a program that you can receive academic recognition towards your degree
  • complete all the requirements of the overseas program as set out by your school


Selection is based on merit and academic performance. Ensure the program coordinator is aware that you are committed to participate in the program. Highlight the reasons faculty overseas program will strongly influence your course of study and future career advancement.

International students are also allowed to participate in faculty programs. We encourage you to travel to destinations other than your home country to expand your global outreach. If you choose your overseas program in the country of your citizenship, you may be not be eligible for the Monash travel scholarships.

Ready to apply?

The first thing to do is to identify the program that you are interested via the Monash Abroad website. Determine the types of programs that are offered, when the programs are offered and how these will fit with your study plans. Once you have done that, you should speak with your course management office to obtain approval for your proposed study plan.

Upon receiving your School’s approval, you must submit your application directly to the program coordinator from the managing Faculty and Monash Abroad Australia respectively.