Costs and funding

With the partner university exchange agreements in place, you pay your tuition fees in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) to Monash University Malaysia. You do not need to pay tuition fees to the host university where you pursuing your exchange semester.

Living and travel costs are your responsibility

Living costs vary from one country to another and is dependent on your lifestyle and the duration of your stay.

Ensure that you have sufficient funds to pay for the necessities such as a return flight tickets, travel insurance, visa fees, food, accommodation, transportation, utilities, entertainment and study materials. Some host universities may require you to pay for orientation activities and compulsory field trips as well.

Funding for Outbound Students

Funding your trip could be easier than you think

Scholarships are made available to all approved Monash Malaysia students (including international students) going on a Monash Abroad approved program – international exchange program to partner universities or short-term programs.

The travel scholarships will be paid into your nominated bank account approximately two to four weeks before your overseas study program commences.

Please note:

  • Approval and the final decision will be made by Monash Abroad when assessing your eligibility to receive the Monash Abroad Travel Grants.
  • If you exchange to the same host university for two consecutive semesters, you will receive one travel scholarship for your entire time abroad.
  • You may not be eligible for funding if you are receiving any scholarships or financial assistance from an external organisation for any overseas study related expenses (travel, visa, accommodation, living allowance etc).
  • You are not eligible for funding if you are applying for the Independent Study Abroad program to a non-partner university.