Pre-approved units (Engineering students)

What are pre-approved units?

Pre-approved units are partner universities units which have already been assessed and approved by your School as equivalents to some of your Monash units. This is a guide to assist you to check what pre-approved units you can include in your study plan. Please note that this is subject to changes made to unit offerings at the partner university.

What can I study?

It is not necessary for all the units listed in your study plan to be pre-approved units. You can also include other units offered by the partner university in your study plan.

SpecialisationPartner University and Semester of Exchange
MechatronicsUniversity of Exeter [S1] [S2]
University of Sheffield [S2]
University of Sussex [S1] [S2]
University of Auckland [S2] (extremely limited spaces)
KTH Royal Institute of Technology [S2]
North Carolina State University [S2]
MechanicalLancaster University [S2]
University of Liverpool [S1]
Carleton University [S1]
University of Waterloo [S2]
University of Buffalo - SUNY [S2]
ChemicalUniversity of Leeds [S2]
Technical University of Denmark [S2]
CivilUniversity of Waterloo [S2]
North Carolina State University [S2]
University of Buffalo - SUNY [S2]


S1 means Semester 1 (January – June)

S2 means Semester 2 (July – December)

Please check this website for updates prior to the exchange application deadlines applicable to you.