Exchange Program

What is exchange?

If the institution you have selected has an exchange agreement in place with us, then you are able to go on international exchange for one or two semesters. We have reciprocal student exchange agreements with more than 100 universities worldwide. Please refer to our exchange partner list to determine if the university of your choice is one of our partners.

How does it work?

While overseas on exchange, you will:

  • continue to be enrolled at Monash
  • receive credit for your overseas study towards your Monash degree
  • continue paying your regular tuition fees to Monash Malaysia (in Malaysian Ringgit)

Where can I go?

Monash has student exchange agreements with more than 100 partner universities in 32 countries across Europe, America, Asia and New Zealand. This means studying a semester or two in Sweden, Germany or Canada is all possible.

What can I study?

Our partner universities provide you the opportunity to study at either the undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels but you must meet the unit pre-requisites at the partner university. With our partners, there are a variety of courses available for exchange to you at different levels. However, please note that some partners will only accept students from a particular school, while others may accept students from any degree.

Language Requirements

Nearly all of our partner universities conduct their teaching in the English Language thus allowing you to continue your course entirely in the English Language. Only a few partners will require you to have a certain level of proficiency in their native language and you will normally be informed before you apply to that particular university.

If proficiency of the native language is required, you may then need to undergo a language test to assess your suitability for the university/program.

Matching up your semesters

Semester dates may vary depending on the university of your choice. For example, while semester one at Monash begins early March, in the USA the spring semester begins in January. However, this would still fit within your Monash semester dates/period.

Few partners may have additional requirements such as minimum average grades and in some universities, you would need to pay additional fees. Please read the requirements of the partners carefully. Please browse through the partner university’s website or contact the Monash Abroad office for more information.

How much will it cost?

As an approved exchange student, you are automatically eligible for the Monash Abroad Travel Scholarships, and under the exchange arrangement between Monash and our partner university, you are not required to pay additional tuition fees. You will continue to pay your regular Monash Malaysia tuition fees in Malaysian Ringgit. Please note that you may not be eligible to receive the travel scholarship if you are receiving other forms of financial assistance.

Ready to apply?

Find out more about key dates, eligibility, the nomination and selection process, and how to apply here.