Exchange Program

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Please note that Monash Malaysia students are not able to go on exchange to the following partner universities. This is a general list and for more restrictions, please refer to the Monash Abroad Portal.

Most university partners in China do not accept applications from Chinese nationals who are Monash University students. Only Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University are flexible with this rule.

Entry requirements

To be eligible to participate in a semester abroad program you must meet the following criteria presented in the table below. Please note: for Engineering students, the minimum requirements are slightly different - please see below for more information. If you are a transfer student or DHES student, please discuss your eligibility with Monash Abroad.

Special considerations

Key Dates

Exchange SemesterSeek course planning advice from SchoolPART A
Deadline to apply online via MAP
(see Step 4 below)
School assessment of Study PlanMonash Abroad assessment of applicationsPART B
Complete program requirements in MAP
Semester 1Feb - Apr

29 May
(11:59 PM Melbourne time)

mid-May to 
mid-July to 
end of September
Oct onwards
Semester 2Jul - Sept

15 October
(11:59 PM Melbourne time)

Mid-October to 
end of December
January to 
end of March 
April onwards

You will need to apply for the program one year in advance. E.g. if you are planning to go on exchange in Semester 1, 2022, you will need to apply in Semester 1, 2021.

Once Monash Abroad has assessed your application, you will be contacted with an outcome and be nominated to your first preference university or a suitable alternative.  Please note that nominations are completed on a rolling basis.
Nominations may take until end of October (Semester 1 programs) or end of April (Semester 2 programs) to be finalised.

Ready to apply?

Find out more about how to apply and the nomination and selection process.

School Contacts

School or Course Management Office contacts can be found here.

What Happens After You Apply?

if you would like to know how your application is assessed after you have submitted, you may watch this video.

Your application will go through two rounds of assessment;

  1. Monash Abroad assessment: meeting the minimum eligibility requirements.
  2. School assessment: confirmation that the proposed units in your study plan and your course progression plan can be approved.

Once both of these steps are confirmed, you will progress to the allocation phase.