How to Apply

Entry requirements

Before you apply to Monash on exchange, you should check that you meet the following entry requirements. You must have:

  • completed at least one full year at your home university
  • achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 or 60 per cent or equivalent
  • met our English language requirements.

English language requirements

All students applying for non-award study as an exchange or study abroad student must show they can meet the University’s minimum English language proficiency requirements.

Creating your study plan

Part of the process of applying to Monash is to create a study plan. Your study plan is the list of units you plan to study while on exchange, and forms part of your application. You would need to list the units you want to study on page 4 of your application.

When creating your study plan, you should consider the following:

  1. Review the study options available to you. You may use the Monash Handbook to search for courses offered.
  2. Make sure you know what your home university requires you to study while you are at Monash.
  3. Select four units that you would like to study, plus additional units as a backup. It is common for students to have timetable clashes especially if you are taking units across different year – levels or different Schools.
  4. All exchange and study abroad students must be enrolled in a full-time on-campus study load of 3 to 4 units (i.e. 18 or 24 credit points) per semester.
  5. Ensure the units selected will be offered at the Malaysia campus and in the particular semester that you will be at Monash Malaysia.
  6. Undergraduate students can only select 1st, 2nd or 3rd year level units. In most cases, 4th year and honours units are not available to exchange and study abroad students. Postgraduate units are generally available only to postgraduate students (those who have completed a bachelor degree) and are normally scheduled for evening lectures and tutorials.
  7. Check our Study Options webpage for School-specific academic considerations.
  8. If you are applying for two semesters, you should also list the second semester units in the study plan, for the purposes of the student pass (visa) application. Changes to your second semester units can be organised at a later date nearer to the commencement of your second semester.

Apply now

The application process differs depending on whether you are a study abroad or exchange student. As a reference, you will be classified as an exchange student if your home university has an exchange agreement with Monash, otherwise you will be applying as a study abroad student.

For Monash Australia students applying for an exchange to Monash Malaysia, please check the Global Intercampus Program webpage for application process and deadlines.

Note: Current travel restrictions and their impact on future programs are being carefully monitored by the University. Students will be advised on confirmation of future programs in due course. Should programs be cancelled, we will contact students directly to discuss options and alternatives.

Application deadlines

  • Semester one (Feb – Jun): October 1 
  • Semester two (Jul – Nov): March 15

Find out more about key dates.

For Monash Australia students applying for an exchange to Monash Malaysia, please check the Global Intercampus Program webpage for application process and deadlines.

What next?

You'll know your exchange or study abroad program has been approved when you receive an offer of admission from Monash Abroad Malaysia.

If you would like to learn more about the visa requirements for Malaysia, please read our Student Pass and Visas webpage. For more information on your accommodation options, please refer to our Accommodations webpage.

For general information on preparing to study at Monash Malaysia, please refer to the International Students webpage (please note that some information may not be applicable to exchange and study abroad students).