For Monash Malaysia students

1. Where can I go?You could study at another Monash campus, with one of our exchange partners or complete a program organised through faculties.

2. How do I apply?
Check out how to apply for the exchange program and Intercampus exchange program; and download an application that includes a step- by-step guide of how to complete the application form

3. How much will it cost?
Find out about scholarships and insurance under financial information.

4. Can I do more than one Monash Abroad program?
Yes, as long as they fit into your course and your course management office approves your study plan. You can do any combination of the Intercampus Exchange, International Exchange and Faculty Overseas Programs.

5. Will I get credit for units I study overseas?
Yes, so long as you take units approved by your course management office.

6. Will my overseas marks appear on my Monash transcript?
If you go on exchange to a partner university, you will receive an official transcript from your host university showing all the units you did and your marks. Your Monash transcript will only show Satisfied Faculty Requirements (SFR). If you do an intercampus exchange or a faculty overseas program organised by a Monash Faculty, all the units and marks will appear on your Monash transcript in the usual way.

7. Do I have to enrol at Monash while I am overseas?
Yes, you will continue to be enrolled as a Monash Malaysia student whilst overseas.

8. Do I need to speak a foreign language?
No, but overseas study is a great way to learn one. Almost all our exchange partner universities either teach in English or offer a large number of subjects taught in English. The Monash campuses in Australia and South Africa all use English for teaching and administration. All the faculty overseas programs are taught in English (except for some in-country language programs).

9. What is the Exchange application’s “Statement of Purpose”?
The statement of purpose is a 500 word essay explaining your reasons for wanting to study abroad. Include a discussion of what you hope to accomplish, what challenges you expect to face and how you anticipate your experience will affect your academic, personal and vocational goals. Also include reasons why you would be a good ambassador of Monash and why you are choosing the particular partner university. The purpose of this essay is to allow Monash Abroad to evaluate your ambassadorial qualities and intention for studying abroad. This statement will be included in your application to the partner university by Monash Abroad.

10. When can I consult the Monash Abroad coordinator?
Walk-in consultations are available Monday – Friday, 2.30pm – 5.00pm. Before you come in for consultation you are encouraged to first attend an information session and conduct your own research via the Monash Abroad website.

11. What is the Monash Abroad information session?
Info sessions are held each semester at the Malaysia campus. These sessions address where you can study overseas, eligibility requirements, financing your trip etc. Following each session there will be an open advising session at which you can ask all your additional questions. Info session details (date, time, location) are sent to students via a broadcast email, so keep a look out for it!

12. Will my degree take longer if I go on exchange?
No, provided you complete and pass all units at your host university or if advised by your course management office during the study plan approval stage.

For non-Monash students

1. Why should I choose Monash?
Monash University has a global presence within the international educational community, with seven full-fledge campuses located around the world. Monash Malaysia offers the quality and recognition of an Australian degree, along with the prestige of being a top 100 university (top one per cent of the world universities!).

Monash Malaysia has excellent academic staff and facilities, along with strong industry connections. The Malaysia campus is a lively and multicultural community which offers a safe and secure environment to live and study in. There is plenty of support within Monash Malaysia to assist students in the process of applying for exchange and transitioning into life abroad.

Malaysia continues to be a central hub and gateway to travelling Southeast Asia – offering an adventure of a lifetime with its world’s best diving sites, lush rainforests, rare wildlife, archaeological sites and exciting metropolitan cities. With its strategic location, students are able to travel extensively within Malaysia and neighbouring countries with ease. Malaysia also offers a blend of affordable living and a unique cultural mix – as reflected in the different ethnic groups that make up the country’s population.

2. Which campus should I choose?
Each campus provides a very distinct experience. The Monash campuses – Clayton, Caulfield, Parkville and Berwick are all situated in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is a young, vibrant city with plenty of arts and cultural events, great food and an incredible coffee culture! It’s no wonder that it has been ranked Australia’s best city for students (according to the first ever QS Best Student Cities survey) and most liveable city in the world, four years in a row.

Monash South Africa is located in the growing suburb Ruimsig, 25km north of Johannesburg's city centre. The attractive campus has over 2,750 students, offers small class sizes, and has advanced facilities with state-of-the-art technology. Exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history, wildlife and natural wonders make South Africa one of the most diverse and captivating countries in the world.

Monash Malaysia is a constantly changing urban landscape with increasing social, technological and economical advancements. Malaysia has a great mix of historical and religious elements contrasted with new developments, shopping malls and an active nightlife. Malaysia is great way to see the old and new, beautiful islands, rainforest and wildlife, and experience different cultures. Find out about more about life at Monash.

3. What can I study?
Monash is all about choices. We offer well over 6,000 units across our campuses for you to choose from. You could study ‘Media, Power and Reporting in Southeast Asia, ‘Tropical Aquatic Biology’ or even ‘Business in Asia’, to name a few. Find out more about the study options at Monash.

4. Where can I live?
There are lots of opportunities for living on- and off-campus. However, the best possible option would be for you to stay at Sunway Monash Residence (SMR). SMR is an extension of our campus grounds, therefore safe with round- the-clock security and of utmost convenience (leave your room and get to lectures in less than 5 minutes!).

Furthermore, all our exchange & study abroad students are housed at SMR, so this will be a great opportunity to make friends and settle in. We almost never have students living off-campus, as most prefer to have the companionship of the large, close knit exchange group - where weekend trips, nights out and dinners are organised frequently over the semester.

All exchange & study abroad students are guaranteed a room at SMR upon completion of the residence application form; which will be provided to you in your offer package. As such, all applications and payment must come through the Monash Abroad office only.

Locating a place off-campus can be quite challenging as most housing leases are a year-long. Staying for only a six month period may mean that rental can be rather expensive.

5. How much will it cost?Cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low and international students often find that their money goes further here. On a reasonable budget, you can live comfortably, enjoy the city life and still afford to travel the region extensively. You may find our general guide on living costs available in our International Students webpage useful when preparing for your stay in Malaysia. Find out more about fees, scholarships, visas and insurance under financial information.

6. Do I need to speak English?
Yes, the language of instruction at every Monash campus is English. Find out more about the English language requirements.

7. Will I get a transcript indicating the grades for units that I study with Monash?
Yes, you will receive an official transcript from Monash showing all the units you completed and your marks.

If you need help applying or more information, you should speak to your home university’s exchange advisor, or contact us.