Research visitors

The School hosts a number of visiting scholars and visiting graduate research students each year. These visitors, who come from different parts of the world, enrich the intellectual life of the School, presenting seminars, guest lectures and generally engaging with academic staff and graduate research students. Past and current visitors include:

Dr Ruhizal bin Roosli
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Housing, Building and Planning
University Science Malaysia.
Project: Perception on implementation of web-based project management system on post-disaster reconstruction projects in Southeast-Asia
16th July 2018- 31st October 2019

Dr. Viola Thimm
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Universität Hamburg | Asia-Africa-Institute
Department of Languages and Cultures of Southeast Asia
Hamburg, Germany
Project: From Malaysian to Dubai: Muslim Pilgrimage and Gender in the Context of Consuming Practices
14th May-31st October 2017

Ms Tian Xuya
Graduate Research Student, Sun Yat-Sen University, People’s Republic of China
Project: Small-scale Family Business and Market System
September 2016- September 2017

Ms Nora Salem
Fullbright Visiting Scholar, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences,
Virgina Tech, USA
Project: Understanding Islamic Feminism through Personal and Public Spirituality
August 2016 – June 2017

Ms Kirsten Agatha Gerarda Ursinus
Graduate Research Student, University of Utrecht
Project Title: Residential tourism/lifestyle migration
February – May 2016

Ms Gina Helena Overkleeft
Graduate Research Student, University of Utrecht
Project: Female domestic workers in Malaysia: experiences, expectations and possibilities
February – May 2016

Dr Sudheesh Bhasi
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute (MPI)
Project: Transnational Religious Networks among the Indian diaspora in Malaysia and Singapore
May 2015 – September 2016

Dr Joshua Neoh
Lecturer in Law, ANU College of Law
Australian National University, Canberra
Project: Law, Religion and the State in Malaysia
January and July 2014

Assoc Prof Dan Slater
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
University of Chicago, USA
Project: Democracy through Strength
October – November 2013

Mr Stephan Giersdorf
Lecturer, Institute of Political Science
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Project: The civil societies of Malaysia and Singapore in comparative perspective
July – October 2013

Ms Sandra Hüttmann
Graduate Research Student, The University of Münster, Germany
Project: Investigates the perception of, approaches to, and interaction with Malaysian local and national culture among German students who study in Malaysia
April 2013 – August 2013

Prof Diane Stone
Professor, Department of Politics and International Relations
University of Warwick, UK
December 2007 – February 2008