Special Seminar

Special Seminar 3: Bringing Research to the World: Mapping Your Publishing Plans

Speaker:  Ms. Alex Westcott Campbell

Date:        Thursday, 15th November 2018

Time:       11.00am

Venue:     Meeting Room 2-6-41 (Building 2, Level 6, Room No. 41)

Contact person: Ms Eswary Sivalingam (Logistics) and Assoc. Prof Andrew Ng Hock Soon (Academic matters)


Speaker’s Profile

Alex Westcott Campbell is a publishing editor at Springer, based in Singapore. She handles book and journals acquisitions across the humanities and social sciences, focusing on Southeast and East Asia. Prior to joining Springer, Alex worked in media publishing for several years in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. She was an Erasmus Mundus Scholar in Denmark and the UK between 2013 and 2015, during which time she completed a Master of Arts (distinction). She has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature (first class) and Journalism and Media Studies (first class). Alex is a published author, and was named Editor of the Year by the Media Publishers Association of Singapore in 2017.


Alex Westcott Campbell, publishing editor for the humanities and social sciences in Southeast and East Asia at Springer Nature (Singapore), will give a presentation on the types of Springer products, and provide an overview of the publishing process, detailing the key steps in the book proposal that will lead to publication, with an overview of Search Engine Optimisation tips for editors and authors to ensure higher visibility for their published research. The talk will also be relevant to graduates nearing completion of their PhDs, as she will demarcate the differences between the dissertation and the monograph, with guidance on how to turn the thesis into a book. The presentation will address citation indexes, journals, and Open Access publishing options, and will also outline the benefits of publishing with Springer, running through the available author services, such as language editing and Bookmetrix. The presentation will conclude with a Q&A session and attendees are welcome to discuss their research activities one-on-one for the hour following the presentation. The talk will be relevant to all researchers in the humanities and social sciences, across subject disciplines.

Special Seminar 2: Warwick University’s Research Priorities and Collaboration Possibilities

Speaker: Prof Shaun Breslin, Warwick University
Date: 9 November 2016
Time: 3-5pm
Venue: Room 2-6-41 (Building 2, Level 6, Room No 41)
Contact person: Fong Yew Soon (Logistics) and Prof Helen Nesadurai (Academic matters)

This special seminar introduces Warwick University’s Global Research Priorities (GRP) to Monash Malaysia academic staff, thus serving as a bridge to future collaboration under the Monash-Warwick Strategic Alliance between academic staff at Monash Malaysia and Warwick University. Prof Shaun Breslin, Professor at the Department of Politics and International Studies, Warwick University will outline Warwick’s Global Research Priorities programme, which addresses various challenges in today’s world through multidisciplinary research in 11 key areas of international significance, including food, sustainable cities, energy, innovative manufacturing, cyber-security, global governance, international development, and connecting cultures, among others.

Special Seminar 1: Getting to Know the North-South Initiative

Speaker: Mr Adrian Pereira, Executive Director
Date: 26 October 2016
Time: 3-5pm
Venue: Room 6-2-14 (Building 6, Level 2, Room No 14)
Contact person: Eswary Sivalingam (Logistics) and Prof Helen Nesadurai (Academic matters)

This session introduces this youth-focused initiative based in Malaysia to academic staff and students, especially graduate researchers, to facilitate future collaboration in research and analysis, community engagement, and student training/internship opportunities that will benefit both parties -- Monash Malaysia staff and students, as well as the NSI. Briefly, the NSI is interested in collaborating on the following key programmes that it runs:

(a) Empowering local farmers through pro-people and pro-environmental agricultural technologies and practices;

(b) Borneo Youth for Social Action on Environmental Justice;

(c) Migrant workers in Malaysia;

(d) Human rights-based conflict resolution and peace building in Southeast Asia;

(e) Promoting Integrity in Governance, Democracy and Development.

This briefing provides the opportunity for staff and graduate students to learn about how they can engage with and impact on the wider community through working with the NSI, which is seeking academic input into its programmes to make more effective its advocacy on behalf of local communities.