Research Seminar Series (02/2020)

“The Institutional Structure and Complexity of International Branch Campuses in Malaysia: A qualitative study”

Speaker: Mr Tirong Yang

Date:      Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Time:      12.00pm

Venue:    Meeting room 2-6-41 (Building 2, Level 6, Room No. 41)

Contact person: Ms Eswary Sivalingam (Logistics) and Assoc. Prof Yeoh Seng Guan (Academic matters)


Speakers' Profile

Tirong Yang is visiting researcher at SASS, Monash Malaysia. He is also a PhD candidate in South China Normal University (SCNU) and a director assistant in the Center for Southeast Asian Studies in the same university. His research centers around comparative higher education, and education research on Southeast Asia. He spent a year (2018-2019) doing visiting study at the School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Yang is currently involved in research projects on the topics of policies of language education, internationalization of higher education.


International branch campuses (IBCs) has been the critical actors in realizing the target of making Malaysia an educational hub. While certain types of IBCs from Australia, UK and China have been growing in Malaysia, the collective research on their development requires further effort. This research aims to form a different understanding of IBCs by focusing on their institutional structure and complexity. With a framework of regulative, normative, and cultural-cognitive institutions, the researcher conducted a qualitative analysis on the development of IBCs with data collecting from field observation, interview and official websites. The conclusion centers on the structure and complexity of institutions of IBCs in Malaysia.

Research Seminar Series (01/2020)

What we talk about when we talk about the Paris Agreement: Analogies in Global Environmental Politics

Speaker: Dr. Nicholas Chan

Date:      Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Time:       12.00pm

Venue:    Meeting room 2-6-41 (Building 2, Level 6, Room No. 41)

Contact person: Ms Eswary Sivalingam (Logistics) and A/Prof Yeoh Seng Guan 
(Academic matters).

Speakers' Profile

Dr Nicholas Chan is Lecturer in Global Studies at Monash University Malaysia and holds degrees in International Relations from the University of Oxford and Aberystwyth University. He specialises in global environmental politics, especially multilateral negotiations on climate change and ocean biodiversity. His most recent publication is Large Ocean States: Sovereignty, Small Islands and Marine Protected Areas in Global Ocean Governance, published in December 2018 in Global Governance.


Five years after the Paris Agreement on climate change was adopted, it has rapidly become the focal point for how global climate action is organised. But how has this diplomatic success affected other dimensions of global environmental politics beyond climate change? This paper explores how the Paris Agreement has been used as an analogy, and how diverse actors have interpreted the 'lessons' of the Paris Agreement for the governance of other environmental issue areas, from biodiversity to plastic pollution, chemicals and ocean sustainability: What does the Paris Agreement mean in non-climate contexts? This paper builds on and contributes to the long tradition of reasoning-by-analogy in both International Relations generally and global environmental politics specifically. It explores the social life and the meanings attached to the 'Paris Agreement', and the implications this has for institutional design and global cooperation on issue areas beyond climate change.