Monash Writing Competition 2016

School of Arts and Social Sciences recently organised a writing competition targeted at all pre-University and matriculation students. The top three winners of this competition stood a chance to pursue an undergraduate degree with School of Arts and Social Sciences in Monash University Malaysia. Other finalists received a RM 300 MPH Bookstore voucher.

The competition was divided into two components – the writing component, followed by a speaking one. In the writing components, participants were to select and write one of the three topics provided. The essay topics were

  1. The Challenges of Being a Youth in the 21st Century
  2. Reading and Good Citizenship
  3. The Impact of Social Media on Family Life Today

The speaking component required the finalists to deliver a 5 minutes presentation of their essay before a panel of judges at Monash University Malaysia.

The response received was encouraging and a total of 10 finalists were shortlisted to give a presentation on Saturday, 20 August 2016.

The panel of judges were Chief Judge, Callum Gilmour, Head of School; Professor Kuah Khun Eng, Professor Helen Nesadurai, Dr Yeoh Seng Guan and Melissa Wong Yuet.

The finalists gave their best in the speaking component and their presentations were engaging as well as delightful to watch.

The first prize winner went to Miss Chow Leng Yan with her essay entitled ‘Reading and good citizenship’. Her winning secured her a 50% scholarship with School of Arts and Social Sciences. “I was really surprised that I won the competition. It took me two weeks to prepare for today and my teachers helped me a lot. I also practised in front of my friends,” Chow said excitedly.

The second prize winner was Miss Serena Kaan Tsu Li and she was awarded a 30% scholarship. Her essay was entitled ‘The challenges of being a youth in the 21st century’. “My dream is to study in Monash. So, I’m extremely happy to have won this scholarship. I feel blessed and I thanked my parents for supporting me all the way," said Serena.

Finally, the third prize went to Miss Khairiyah bt. Murad who spoke on ‘The Impact of Social Media on Family Life Today’. She was awarded 20% scholarship with School of Arts and Social Sciences. “I was very nervous throughout my entire speech. I still can’t believe it,” said the MUFY student from Sunway College Johor Bahru.

Congratulations to all winners!