Public Relations

The Public Relations minor equips you with the tactical communication skills you need to build strategic relationships and successfully influence public opinion. You will learn how to carefully manage the reputations of important organisations and forge impactful business relationships against a constantly shifting media landscape. The skills you develop will allow you to navigate nuanced cultural and political contexts with confidence, communicating complex ideas to diverse audiences of people and building relationships that benefit organizations, communities, and society at large.

The minor begins with introductory units which illustrate where Public Relations sits within the wider communications landscape, and equip you with various analytical tools and approaches. You will later have the opportunity to craft a community engagement program from scratch, learning the skills of project design and campaign planning. Your final year will give you in-depth exposure to actual case studies from different countries and regions, helping you apply strategic problem-solving to real challenges faced by PR practitioners. The themes you explore throughout the minor are designed to complement other areas of study at SASS, such as communication, film, television, and screen studies, gender studies, global studies, and writing. Graduates can expect to be confident, informed, and skillful public communicators, capable of managing strategic campaigns and maintaining productive, engaging relationships across different industries.

Unit highlights:

Transforming community: Project design and public relations for social campaigns

This cornerstone unit aims to allow you to explore the practical aspects of designing and implementing a public relations campaign for a social initiative. Over the course of the semester, you will learn to plan, write-up, and convincingly pitch a community engagement project, conceptualize and execute a public relations campaign, and write a proposal for a competitive grant. The unit is designed to give you hands-on experience with public relations, building the skills, experience, and strategic thinking required to excel in the field. By its completion, you will have learned how to carefully evaluate and negotiate complex social environments, balance stakeholder priorities, and execute creative campaigns.

Maxine Lim Jen Ai

Bachelor of Arts (2008)

“If you’re keen on a corporate career, most corporations don’t hire you for what you know. They hire you for the potential of who you can become. The SASS that I know understands this and focuses on the education of minds and building of characters, by encouraging students to question and understand communities, organisations, and how people behave."

Public Relations prepares you for a potential career in:

Corporate communications, image and crisis management, media relations, advertising, consulting, policy, marketing, brand strategy, and a wide variety of relationship management roles across different industries