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Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction used for learning and teaching of these units are as follows:

CategoryUnitsMedium of Instruction
  MPU U1    Ethnic Relations Malay
Islamic and Asian Civilisations Malay
Communicative Malay 2 Malay
Malaysian Studies 3 English
MPU U2  National Language A Malay
As per offerings & listed in unit guides English
MPU U3 As per offerings & listed in unit guides English
MPU U4 As per offerings & listed in unit guides English
  • Similar medium of instruction will also be used for all written assessment tasks and final examination for each unit respectively.

Offering of MPU U1 Units

  • These units are normally offered throughout the academic sessions of the year.
  • However, the units may not be offered based on certain conditions, such as availability of lecturers / sessionals, venue, other logistical matters etc.
  • Students are advised not to assume / predict the unit offerings for the upcoming semesters.

Sequence of Enrol, Undertake, Complete & Pass MPU U1, U2, U3 and U4

  • Students may enrol, undertake, complete and pass these units in any particular order throughout the duration of studies in Monash University Malaysia.

Enrol & Undertake General Studies before Continuing / Transferring Studies / Exchange Abroad

  • A student is still required to enrol & undertake General Studies as long as the student still regarded as a valid student registered & undertaking their studies / course in Monash University Malaysia.
  • A student shall only be granted to discontinue / withdraw from General Studies when the student officially receives an offer to continue / transfer their studies abroad.

Credits & Grading

  • General Studies, in particular for MPU U1 units are regarded as non-credit bearing units in Monash University Malaysia.
  • However, as per the requirement outlined by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (MoHE) & Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), all undergraduate and honours students are required to enrol, undertake, complete and pass all General Studies units before completion of course that leads to graduation.
  • The grading scale adopted for MPU U1 units are as follows:

80 - 100 : High Distinction
70 - 79  : Distinction
60 - 69  : Credit
50 - 59  : Pass
0 - 49   : Fail
No grade (as appear in WES) : Fail

Attendance Policy

  • Attendance will be recorded, monitored and reported through electronic and manual reporting platforms in a timely manner.
  • A Malaysian student must achieve at least 80% of attendance in order to be eligible to attempt the end-of-semester examination.
  • An international student must also achieve at least 80% of attendance as well. Current regulations and requirements outlined by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and Immigration Department of Malaysia that the attendance of all international students are to be monitored and reported to the respective authorities as and when required.
  • Failure in achieving minimum percentage of attendance may result in student being barred for end-of-semester examination or any other penalties recommended to be imposed by the General Studies Office.

Assessment Tasks

  • A student is required to attempt all assessment tasks prescribed in each unit as part of the requirement for undertaking, completing and passing General Studies, particularly MPU U1.
  • Students whom do not complete any assessment tasks prescribed, i.e not submitting any written assignments, not attempting online quizzes or participate any face-to-face or online learning activities shall be ineligible to receive a grade upon the release of results.
  • The student shall be regarded as fail and the student is required to re-enrol, undertake, complete and pass General Studies again in the following semester.

Fees and Payment

  • At the moment, the cost of enrolling and undertaking General Studies, in particular MPU U1 is already included in the current fee structure of the University.
  • However, there may be other costs required to be incurred and borne by the students depending on the units’ requirement, if necessary, during the process of enrolling and undertaking the units; i.e. transportation costs, field-trips, community visits etc.
  • The University will ensure that these costs or expenses will be kept as minimal as possible in order not to overburden the students financially.

Status of Enrollment & Completion

  • All students who have enrolled, undertaken, completed and passed the units in General Studies will be recorded and displayed through the Web Enrolment System (WES).
  • A transcript, known as an Academic Record, will be issued to students upon request and completion of all General Studies units.
  • Students can apply for a copy of the Academic Records via Student Services. For further information, it can be obtainable here.