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We encouraged students to refer to Monash student handbook as a guidance for the course structure. You must meet the requirements of your course as detailed in the Handbook edition for the year in which you started your course. For example: The course and areas of study details provided in the current edition of the Handbook are for those students who commence their course in 2018, while a student who began their studies in 2013 should go to the archived 2013 Handbook edition for the details of the units they are required to do, and rules of the course that applied to them. Please refer this link: http://www.monash.edu.au/pubs/2018handbooks/archive.html for the archived handbook edition.

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A2006 Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences

A2007 Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies


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Definition of gateway, cornerstone and capstone units

Within each Arts major there are specific units that must be completed. These are called gateway, cornerstone and capstone units. Completing these units provides students with a structured progression through the course of a major, ensuring that they cover what is essential to that particular discipline and facilitating the achievement of different milestones at first, second and third-year level.

Gateway unit

A gateway unit is a first-year level unit that introduces you to the area of study. Most areas of study have two gateway units that must be completed.

Cornerstone unit

A cornerstone unit is a second-year level unit that is designed in a way that allows you to demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of the area of study. Most areas of study have one or two cornerstone units that must be completed.

Capstone unit

A capstone unit is a third-year level unit that allows you to demonstrate what you have learnt and the skills that you have acquired throughout the study of your major. Therefore, it might consist of a research project or an industry internship. Most areas of study have one or two capstone units that must be completed.

NOTE: Students completing a minor in an Arts area of study only need to complete the gateway units. To make up the 24-point requirement of a minor, students choose the remaining units from the list of electives.

Please email Arts Course Management Office (CMO): mum.sasscmo@monash.edu if you need further advice regarding your course structure and the choices of the units.