Frequently Asked Questions About Exchange (Partner University)

Here are some the questions commonly asked by our students considering exchange at a partner university.

  1. Can I do more than one Monash Abroad program?

    Yes, as long as they fit into your course and your course management office approves your study plan. You can do any combination of the Intercampus Exchange, International Exchange and Faculty Overseas Programs.

  2. Will I get credit for units I study overseas?

    Yes, so long as you take units approved by your course management office.

  3. Will my overseas marks appear on my Monash transcript?

    If you go on exchange to a partner university, you will receive an official transcript from your host university showing all the units you did and your marks. Your Monash transcript will only show Satisfied Faculty Requirements (SFR). If you do an intercampus exchange or a faculty overseas program organised by a Monash Faculty, all the units and marks will appear on your Monash transcript in the usual way.

  4. Do I have to enrol at Monash while I am overseas?

    Yes, you will continue to be enrolled as a Monash Malaysia student whilst overseas.

  5. Do I need to speak a foreign language?

    No, but overseas study is a great way to learn one. Almost all our exchange partner universities either teach in English or offer a large number of subjects taught in English. The Monash campuses in Australia and South Africa all use English for teaching and administration. All the faculty overseas programs are taught in English (except for some in-country language programs).

  6. What is the “Statement of Purpose”?

    The statement of purpose is a 500 word essay explaining your reasons for wanting to study abroad. Include a discussion of what you hope to accomplish, what challenges you expect to face and how you anticipate your experience will affect your academic, personal and vocational goals. Also include reasons why you would be a good ambassador of Monash and why you are choosing the particular partner university. The purpose of this essay is to allow Monash Abroad to evaluate your ambassadorial qualities and intention for studying abroad. This statement will be included in your application to the partner university by Monash Abroad.

  7. When can I consult the Monash Abroad coordinator?

    Walk-in consultations are available Monday – Friday, 2.30pm – 5.00pm. Before you come in for consultation you are encouraged to first attend an information session and conduct your own research via the Monash Abroad website.

  8. What is the Monash Abroad information session?

    Info sessions are held each semester at the Malaysia campus. These sessions address where you can study overseas, eligibility requirements, financing your trip etc. Following each session there will be an open advising session at which you can ask all your additional questions. Info session details (date, time, location) are sent to students via a broadcast email, so keep a look out for it!

  9. Will my degree take longer if I go on exchange?

    No, provided you complete and pass all units at your host university or if advised by your course management office during the study plan approval stage.

  10. Will the host institution help me find accommodation?

    Most of our university partners have on-campus accommodation and can help arrange this for you. However, with some universities, on-campus accommodation is extremely limited and you may have to secure your own accommodation. They may be able to advise you on some off-campus accommodation options but you are still entirely responsible for making your own arrangements and in some instances, you need to start looking for this way in advance.

  11. Do I need to buy insurance at my host country?

    For many countries, it is compulsory for you to buy insurance at the host country as a condition of your student visa.

  12. Will Monash help me apply for my visa?

    All students participating in the student exchange program are responsible for obtaining their own visas to cover the duration of their exchange. Monash will assist with certifying your supporting documents and issuing confirmation of enrolment.

  13. How will I get my results from the host institution?

The host institution will send your transcripts to the Monash Abroad office. You will be contacted to collect your transcripts.