Monash Abroad Inter-University exchange

Explore a world of opportunity

As a “Faculty without Borders”, Monash Arts is committed to providing a wide variety of opportunities for students to study overseas as part of their degree.
Studying overseas is an ideal opportunity to experience different cultures, make new friends and explore the world without postponing your studies. Everyone’s experience of studying overseas is unique; however, there are a number of benefits that student share in common. These include greater independence, self-discipline, adaptability and intercultural understanding.
Monash Arts has partnerships with over 120 international universities. Each year, students travel to places such as Austria, Canada, France, Hong Kong, UK and USA. There are no additional tuition fees for exchange. While studying overseas, you remain enrolled full time at Monash which means you continue to pay your tuition fee to Monash Malaysia.

Application Process & Entry Requirements

Entry requirements

To be eligible to participate in an exchange program you must have:

  • Completed at least 48 credit points of your course at Monash
  • Achieved a minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 60%
  • Certain partner universities require a higher WAM due to the competitive nature of the program. Be sure to check for any additional requirements that each university may require before you apply.

Other factors to consider

  • The available number of exchange places at the partner universities differs. In the event there are no places available, you will be given the opportunity to apply to your second preference.
  • Some schools may not permit you to undertake overseas study in the final semester of your course, therefore, please check with your course management office before completing your application.
  • If you are currently on intermission, you may still be able to apply but please contact the Monash Abroad office to check your eligibility.

Ready to apply?

  • Once you are ready, download and complete the Monash Abroad application form (pdf, 1.6MB) for Outbound Exchange students.
  • The form includes step-by-step instructions to complete your application and details of the application requirements such as your study plan and statement of purpose.

Creating your study plan

  • Your study plan is the list of units you plan to study while on exchange, and forms part of your application. While the study plan sits within your application form, you need to have it approved and signed off by your course management office before you can submit the form and supporting documentation to Monash Abroad Malaysia. The submission deadline to your school is usually a month before the Monash Abroad application deadline.

When creating your study plan you should consider the following:

  • Your selected partner university as they each offer different units at different levels and the units are sometimes not taught entirely in English.
  • The units you need to study are offered: 
    • to satisfy your Monash degree
    • at the level you are studying (undergraduate and/or postgraduate)
    • during the semester you are on exchange
  • Ensure you understand the full-time study load at your chosen university and the credit points each unit is worth as you must have the equivalent of 18 - 24 Monash credit points for a full-time load. Please consult your course management office for further details on your study plan preparation.
  • Be aware that certain units have restrictions, limitations or pre-requisites, therefore please ensure you meet these before selecting the unit.
  • Choose twice as many units than you would actually need to study. This is to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as cancellation of classes/units, timetable clashes that could lead to non – fulfilment of enrolment quotas. You are also encouraged to take elective units while on exchange for more flexibility in the approval of units.
  • Print the detailed unit outlines to submit with your application. Your school would require additional information such as unit structure, contact hours, content and types of assessments.

Submitting your application

Once your study plan is approved by your course management office and you have completed your application, submit it to Monash Abroad Malaysia by the application deadline.

Student’s Testimonial – Korea University, South Korea

Tien photos

Being brought up in a strict family with overprotective parents, I had never imagined leaving home and living on my own for a good 5 months. But I was extremely blessed to be given the opportunity to go for an exchange to Korea University in South Korea, and it has changed my life in so many ways, on so many levels. It was over the world amazing. Even though it was barely half a year, it was truly, unquestionably a life changing experience.

I had independence and freedom. I was constantly being thrown out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed the challenges, although they caused anxiety and stress most of the time I enjoyed adventures and  venturing into the unknown. I loved waking up every single day, feeling pumped to explore new corners. I learned to deal with my fears. I relearned about the things that I thought I already knew... and most of all, I got to know more about myself and make peace with myself.

My passion has always been in photography and social sciences, and Korea is perfect to feed my hunger for both. I had the privilege to travel around Korea and out of Seoul almost every other week. While most of my friends travelled to neighbouring countries, I chose to stay put to explore and experience Korea as much as I could, where I got to see different sides of the country and its hidden gems. Language barrier was definitely in the picture but I found it to be one of the main highlights of my exchange. As soon as I arrived, playing charades with the locals became part of my daily routine. Needless to say, it was human communication at its most basic and a very humbling learning experience indeed.

With more than 100 years of history, Korea University has a huge student population with more than 30,000 student admissions each year, and there were about one thousand exchange students during my term. Every corner of the campus is picturesque; the aesthetics are over the top stunning with charming buildings and beautiful nature as it sits in the hill. Lecturers are knowledgeable, very welcoming towards non-local students and very passionate about bringing Korean culture to international students. I got to learn a lot about the contemporary societal issues in Korean society, and I was exposed to the unconventional sides of Korea many don’t know about, or rather, simply underrepresented in media.

The challenge of being a minority in a foreign country and not being able to understand the common language definitely contributed to more fun and challenges. Korea is blessed with stunning and majestic landscapes and nature. Mountains surround the entire nation I found myself constantly at peace because I was greeted by the greens and blues almost everywhere I went. For such a small country, Korea is an excellent example of innovation and progression. It fully utilises what it has and constantly moves forward and towards more improvements while at the same time preserving and celebrating its history.

All in all, this experience has been so much more than I anticipated: lifelong friendships, diverse network, new perspective on life and many other priceless lessons. It has broadened my horizons with a change of scenery and culture.

- by Lim Tien Chia, Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences

Student’s Testimonial – York University, Toronto

On the 2nd of January 2015, I sat on a plane fearful and nervous about my semester of exchange in Canada. During my application process I was constantly on pins hoping that everything would go smoothly, it was only when I got my visa that it really hit me that I was going to a completely new university, in a freezing cold country to study for an entire semester. As always, pessimism kicks in hard during such times of apprehension, and I expected the worst!  Often time no expectations bring great joys, as it paves way to appreciate even the slightest occurrences. Fast forward to April 30th, and I was literally crying on the flight home; I was quite sad to leave behind a journey that had brought so many thrills, introduced me to so many amazing people, and given me a wonderful experience.   

As a Bachelor of Arts (Global) student, I was required to undertake at least one semester of exchange. I opted for the interuniversity exchange, and applied to universities in Canada. I was lucky enough to secure a place at York University, Toronto. One of the first things that struck me was the sheer size of the campus; needless to say, I was often lost. It was an experience on its own; there were times when I kept walking in circles because it was too cold to gaze up at the directions! What I enjoyed about the education process at York was the choice in terms of the available units! I took up a very interesting unit on Comedy, which catered tastefully to my interest in English literature. 

Furthermore, I met some wonderful friends from all over the world during my time at York - Brazil, Netherlands, India, Sweden, France, Bangladesh etc. Generally, the people in Canada are quite friendly. I commuted nearly two hours each day to university, and looked forward to a chat with a stranger during my travel. The city of Toronto is truly a multicultural city, the effect of which can be observed in the food, cultural events, grocery stores, and the general ethos of the city. Toronto also has something to offer for everyone, so whatever your interests maybe you will be entertained. My interest in music led me to witness some fascinating performances by upcoming musicians whose specializations ranged from jazz to rock to contemporary. I was also privileged to be able to watch some excellent stage dramas, which took me back to my school days (the nostalgia was too much to bear). As a student of international studies, I am passionate about social issues which relate to equality and justice issues. I appreciate the level of openness and awareness that exists in Toronto where political concerns across the world were discussed in forms of documentaries, art, music, poetry, and such awareness raising events. I enjoyed the time I spent in downtown Toronto and one of my favorite places Kensington Market; it is one of the most diverse neighborhoods, and has a wide variety of vintage stores and chic cafes. 

I also managed to scrape some savings together and invested it in a three day tour which took me to Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal, and Quebec. I found the tour to be rushed and exhausting, but given the limited time and money I had I was grateful to have experienced these other cities. The province of Quebec is also known as ‘French Canada’. Montreal and Quebec were very different from Toronto, and very European in style. The Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal was an experience on its own; the intricate architecture and beautiful colors were just mind blowing; I refrain from trying to explain the beauty of this cathedral as words are insufficient.  

Overall the exchange was beyond amazing! It is truly an experience that can open your mind to newness. I am glad that I persevered through the application process, paperwork, and visa technicalities! Every slip and fall in the snow was worth the experience. I look forward to visiting Canada again very soon!

- by Lydia, Bachelor of Arts (Global)

Student’s Testimonial – The University of Warwick and King’s College London

I spent a year abroad in the United Kingdom, where I did two separate exchange programs with the University of Warwick and King’s College London (KCL). Both universities are prestigious schools in the United Kingdom, which contained many famous leading opinion makers in the field of political science.  It was an exceptional experience to be taught by these famous lecturers, who created modules, which were both unique and challenging. I took several modules such as inter alia, Critical Security Studies, Political Theory from Hobbes, Military Strategy, Asian Popular Cinema and The Politics of Globalisation, which helped me to broaden and deepen my interests in war studies, political theory and international political economy.

In addition, the student experiences in both colleges were also nothing short of amazing. Both Warwick and KCL offered great support, in the form of different support staff from personal academic supervisors to even religious leaders at the multi-faith centre. I remembered feeling really touched at Warwick, when my supervisor offered to help me read and critique my political theory essay before submission to my module convener.  Most of the lecturers that I have met were also really friendly and many of them seem to be really passionate in their subjects, organising several co-curricular activities such as talks and film screenings. Both institutions also provided numerous spaces for study. I remembered being in awe with the enormous Maughan Library at KCL. I was also really amazed by how the library is well-structured into several zones: discussion zone, quiet zone and even a very quiet zone where no laptops are allowed (absolute silence without even the sound of typing on a keyboard).  This left me really really impressed.

I was also fascinated by the non-academic student life in both universities. Both universities offered numerous clubs and societies including even watersports and extreme sports like sailing and skydiving. I decided to pick up something useful, so I signed up for the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) sailing course, which was partially subsidized by Warwick. In addition, I was also able to make many friends in both Warwick and King’s College London, through different activities such as orientation, after-class dinners and hall events. KCL is also located in a superb location, just opposite the famed Covent Garden (where musicals are staged in numerous theatres on a daily basis) and a short tube (train) ride from most tourist attractions and the main shopping belt of London. Life was therefore never boring in both universities.

During my year abroad, I also managed to visit 35 cities in 17 countries, with the most memorable of these trips being a crazy road trip around Southern Iceland to see glaciers, icebergs, mountains and waterfalls in the middle of winter, as well as skydiving and mountain hiking in Switzerland. Being a history buff, I was also really happy that I managed to buy an antique bust of the late USSR leader Josef Stalin at an antique market in Riga. I thoroughly enjoyed all the different experiences that I had.

I would not have been able to do all this if I did not receive a travel scholarship from the university. Thank you Monash for making my undergraduate life so vibrant and memorable.

- by Shawn, Bachelor of Arts (Global)