Course Map Consultation Hours

At School of Arts & Social Sciences, we provide direct services in relations to academic administration and student support – information and advice about your course structure, unit enrolment, major/minor nomination, course maps, exchange programs, etc.

Appointment TypeChoo May MayNurul FarahinKrystal Anne
Arts course inquiries

Designing Arts course progression plan (course map)

Course map checking (assessment outcome inquiries)

Credit exemptions & Internal course transfer application(ICT)


Inquiries on Arts policy & procedure

Academic progress course advice

Workplace Learning Internship:
-  Undergraduate (AMU3744) or
Masters (AMG5751)


Arts Short term mobility program
(AMU2685 (Winter) &
AMU2690 (Summer A))

Monash Exchange (Partner University) 

Monash Exchange (Inter campus) 

Monash Exchange (Partner University/ Prato short term) 


Course Management Office, School of Arts and Social Sciences (Building 2, Level 6, Room 47)

Important notes:

(i) Please make an appointment at least one week in advance. Kindly scan the QR code below or click here to book an appointment with one of our course administrator:

(ii) Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

(iii) All appointments are fixed at 30 minutes only (if you require additional time, kindly book a second slot at an available time).

(iv) There are NO consultation hours on Tuesdays and during Orientation week.

(v) For further inquiries, kindly email us at

Document checklist:

(i) Please bring a softcopy of the course map. If not available, kindly obtain a copy of the course map from here. Kindly ensure that this is completely filled up before the appointment – do not leave it empty and you should only include passed units in the table.

(ii) Please bring a softcopy of your unofficial academic transcript from WES.

(iii) Please cross check the GS units (U1, U2, U3, and U4) against the list of units here.

(iv) If you have a laptop, please bring it along with you as we no longer provide any hardcopy of the documents.