Biological sciences

Professor Steven James Langford Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry, Fluorescent Molecules, Sensors, Photosynthetic Mimickry
Professor Chow Sek Chuen How xenobiotics modulate the immune system
Associate Professor Catherine Yule Tropical aquatic ecology, freshwater invertebrates, tropical peat swamps, leaf litter decomposition
Dr Charles Clarke Microbial communities in pitcher plant fluids, plant population structure/ecology, the effects of habitat disturbance on plant and animal communities, broad scale ecosystem management
Dr Chen Won Sun, Sharon Burnout, cross cultural validation study, quality of life, public health, data mining, applied statistics. Comprise validating Malay Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) and Malay Work-Related Quality of Life (WRQoL) Scale in Malaysia
Dr Cheow Yuen Lin Natural Products Chemistry, Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral Ligands, Design, Synthesis and Bioactivity Evaluation of Metal NHC Complexes.
Dr Choo Wee Sim Bioactive compounds
Professor Chris Austin Molecular taxonomy, speciation and phylogenetics, evolution, biogeography and conservation of inland aquatic and marine species with a focus on crustaceans, molluscs and fish, molecular ecology, phylogeography, population and conservation genetics, mitochondrial genomics and Next Generation Sequencing, genetics of commercial fish species and DNA barcoding, broodstock management and impacts of translocation of aquaculture species
Professor Gary Dykes Bacterial attachment, biofilm formation and control, stress and survival in foodborne pathogens, antimicrobial and physicochemical modulatory properties of phytochemicals, microbial ecology of vertebrates and plants in natural and man-made environments
Dr Goh Joo Kheng, Emily Natural product chemistry such as identifying bioactive compounds from medicinal plants and synthesis of bioactive compounds. Others include development of chemical sensors and biosensors using electroanalytical techniques.
Dr Heu Seow Mun, Jasmine Biotechnology, molecular biology,plant secondary metabolites and plant entomology
Dr Holly Barclay Impacts of tropical land use change, particularly agricultural expansion, on freshwater habitats and the development of practical tools for monitoring water quality in Malaysia
Dr Joash Tan

Natural products chemistry, synergism between polyphenols and antibiotics, bioactivity of plant extracts, and plant chemical constituents

Dr Juan Joon Ching Development of novel heterogeneous catalyst for various reactions and the reaction mechanisms leading to a better understanding of the catalyst behaviour
Dr Kumaran Narayanan Recombineering: DNA engineering using homologous recombination, E. coli as a vector for gene delivery into mammalian cells, artificial chromosome research
Associate Professor Lim Yau Yan Bioactivity studies, isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds of tropical herbal plants, processing of herbal plants, structural and kinetic properties of surface-active transition metal complexes
Dr Lau Khim Heng Microanalysis of biological materials and Environmental Health
Dr Laurence Croft Bioinformatics, computational biology, high throughput experiments and data analysis
Dr Lee Sui Mae Elucidate the oxidative stress response of Enterococcus faecalis using a combination of proteomic and molecular genetic approaches
Dr Lee Wai Leng Ethnopharmacology of medicinal plants in Malaysia
Dr Lim Siew Ping Biosurfactant, transport system in bacteria
Dr Neeraj Gupta Age-related cognitive decline, Adult neurogenesis, Role of polyamines (putrescine, spermidine and spermine) in memory/learning and Alzheimer's disease
Dr New Jaa Yein Molecular biology, protein expression and antibody engineering,develop potential treatment for hematology related illnesses through application of antibody engineering
Dr Ng Si Ling Physical and biological wastewater treatment, bioregeneration of adsorbents
Dr Ngin Cin Kai Heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF) in tissue injuries and regeneration. HB-EGF and its associated protein tetraspannin CD9 in cell signalling and tissue regeneration
Dr Pushpamalar Janarthanan Developing new biodegradable polymers using plant waste and currently focusing on preparing low cross-link CMC hydrogel to be used as control release device for anticancer drug and slow release device for application of fertilizer in agriculture
Dr Reuben Clements Gopalasamy Biological sciences, Marine biology
Dr Robyn Wilson Urban birds and habitat use; impact of light on nocturnal animal
Professor Sadequr Rahman Plant molecular biology and genetics, particularly of rice; population genetics of tropical organisms using NGS techniques; microbial genomics and metagenomics.
Professor Dr Sunil K. Lal Molecular Virology and Emerging Infectious Diseases. Molecular Biology of Influenza A virus. Genome-wide screening for host interaction partners. Protein α-actinin-4 and its role in viral replication. Viral nucleoprotein and host cell death via the clusterin pathway, cell cycle progression and host survival pathways. Cellular NF-kB pathway and its manipulation by viruses. Viral proteins and host cell signalling. Viral proteins and nucleocytoplasmic export and apoptosis induction. Viral strategies to inhibit PKR activation, ER Stress and retrograde transport in infected cells
Associate Professor Song Keang Peng Molecular pathogenesis of bacterial diseases, regulation of bacterial toxin expression, epidemiology and pathogenesis of periodontal diseases
Dr Song Beng Kah Genome analysis of plant and protozoan parasites, comparative genomics as a tool for plant improvement through map-based cloning, assessment of genetic variability, molecular biosystematics and DNA fingerprinting in crop species using molecular markers
Dr Ting Su Yien, Adeline Biosourcing and bioprospecting beneficial microbes for various applications
Dr Ton So Ha

Biochemistry and molecular biology of Hepatitis B and C infection, nutritional biochemistry in health and diseases, effect of compounds e.g. glycyrrhizic acid on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism

Food science

Dr Siow Lee Fong Food processing and quality changes of food, microencapsulation and controlled release, food product development
Dr Thoo Yin Yin Ultrasound-assisted extraction of bioactive compounds and antioxidant interactions, antioxidant synergy on oxidative stability, value-added food products