Professor Dato’ Dr Anuar Zaini Md Zain Primary prevention of diabetes and community empowerment, translational studies of diabetic nephropathy and at the same time actively involved in several international multicentre clinical trials in diabetes, stress and mechanisms of adaptation to stress by hormones, metabolic stress and antioxidants, and the relationship of socioeconomic factors as a form of stress in the epidemic of diabetes
Professor Dr Iekhsan Othman Neurotoxicology and proteomics
Professor Dr Ishwar Parhar Neuroscience
Professor Dr Rusli Bin Nordin Occupational health psychology, job stress, anxiety and depression, work engagement and work-life interface, quality of life of working populations, pesticides poisoning, solvent exposure, occupational lung diseases, industrial and motor vehicle accidents, OSH risk assessment & management, OSH and health policy, ergonomics, radiation exposure and cancer, chronic disease intervention, palliative care, global health care delivery, RCT
Professor Dr Mohamed Shajahan Mohamed Yasin Medical education, chronic disease management and health systems research
Professor Dr Daniel D Reidpath Measurement of population health, social stigma (particularly HIV related stigma), and health equity
Professor Dr Pascale Allotey Tropical diseases, reproductive health, disability, equity and health and human rights
Professor Dr Parasakthi Navaratnam Antimicrobial resistance
Professor Dr Maude Elvira Phipps Genomics of Homo sapiens to answer questions related to our evolution, migration, morphological development and health
Professor Pathmanathan s/o Rajadurai Breast and colorectal cancer, telepathology and digital imaging
Professor Dr Peter Goh Min Yih Endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, gastric and esophageal cancer, bariatric surgery, sweating disorders and gastroesophageal reflux disease
Associate Professor Dr Quek Kia Fatt  Urology, men’s health, quality of life, health psychology and quantitative research 
Associate Professor Dr Wong Chee-Piau The efficacy of Levetiracetam in the treatment of childhood epilepsy, long term video EEG follow up of children, neurology and neuropsychological outcome of acute non traumatic coma and tele-rehabilitation of children with hemiplegia
Associate Professor Dr Phua Kai Lit Long term effects of disease outbreaks, health care organization and financing, and ethical issues in public health
Associate Professor Dr Lakshmi Selvaratnam Tissue engineering including regeneration of cartilage and epithelial tissues, funded through institutional and national level grants
Associate Professor Dr Khoo Joon Joon Molecular characterisation of various carcinomas to renal histopathology
Associate Professor Dr Sharifah Binti Syed Hassan Production of recombinant proteins, viral and gene discovery for the development of novel diagnostic reagents/systems and antiviral therapy
Associate Professor Dr Kelvin Lim Lye Hock Maxillofacial trauma, head and neck oncology, cleft lip and palate, and facial deformity
Associate Professor Dr Darnal Hari Kumar Breast, renal and gynecological pathology
Associate Professor Dr Wong Yin Onn Internal medicine
Associate Professor Dr Cheong Yuet Meng Clinical microbiology and antibiotic resistance
Associate Professor Dr Robert Penafort Pediatric orthopedic surgery, adult and pediatric orthopedic trauma
Associate Professor Dr Toh Keng Kiat Internal medicine, haematology
Associate Professor Dr Andrew Tan Khian Khoon Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery and surgeries/laser therapy for diabetic eye diseases, education in ophthalmology and surgery
Associate Professor Dr Sunil Gurtu Free-radical induced brain damage and possible strategies for its control
Associate Professor Dr Anil Gandhi Endoscopy and upper GI surgery
Associate Professor Dr Lee Eng Geap Receptor mutogenesis in exocytosis, endourology and andrology
Associate Professor Yoga Raj Arthroplasty, navigation (computers) in surgery and orthopedic trauma
Associate Professor Dr Shamsul Haque Retrieval processes of autobiographical memory, cognitive impairments following sleep deprivation, cognitive determinants of self-harm, false memory, construction of autobiographical memory in psychiatric patients, cultural influences in autobiographical recollection, and the neuropsychology of autobiographical memory.
Associate Professor Dr Tan Siong Lui Immunology and paediatric asthma
Associate Professor Dr Rakesh Naidu Genome-wide detection of genetic aberrations and gene expression profiling of different histological types of breast and prostate carcinomas
Dr Alex Tang Tuck Hon Neonatology, respiratory medicine and social paediatrics, enhancing transformational learning, cultural and religious influences on biomedical ethics in the Asian context, the role of social media in influencing paediatric patient care
Associate Professor Dr Suneet Sood Appendectomy on the body, intensive care, medical education
Dr Tan Chow Wei@ Chan Kee Fong Family medicine
Dr Ngim Chin Fang Paediatrics
Dr Ling Kah Hing, Paul Interventional cardiology and pharmalogical re-perfusion of ST elevation myocardial infarction
Dr Siti Harnida Md Isa Diabetes and obesity
Mr Paul K Jambunathan ‘Applied’ psychology are in the areas of parenting, ecopsychology, emotional psychology and positive psychology
Associate Professor Dr Sivalal Sadasivan Lifestyle intervention, infection control
Dr Lau Wee Ming Sleep-related breathing disorders, parasomnias, occupational health, dermatology, medical education (clinical skills, feedback, SDL, OSCE, assessment)
Dr Nor’Azim Mohd Yunos Impact of intravenous fluid management on body physiology, with specific interests on chloride and acid-base balance
Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa Field of minimally invasive surgery and atrial fibrillation
Dr Nik Asmah Nik Hussain Staged management of hypertension
Associate Professor Dr Amudha Kadirvelu Diabetic vasculopathy, ethnic variation in vascular responses and nanomedicine
Dr Nor Liza Ariffin Internal medicine, infectious disease
Dr Tomoko Soga Pathogenesis of functional psychoses such as mood disorder, depression and anxiety
Dr Arul Durairajah Internal medicine
Dr Sharad Ratnarajah Reproductive endocrinology and fertility including male infertility, reproductive health, the clinical management of commonly encountered problems relating to pregnancy, labour and childbirth
Dr Lukman Mohd Rashid Advanced laparoscopic surgery namely abdominal wall hernias repair, upper GI surgeries and bariatric surgeries
Dr Amreeta Dhanoa Antibiotic resistance and multi-drug resistant nosocomial organisms
Dr Htar Htar Aung Paediatric plastic surgery and microsurgery
Dr Yap Han Seong Internal medicine
Dr Sumitra Pathmanathan Clinical aspects of anaesthesia particularly in regional and ambulatory anaesthesia
Dr Badariah Ahmad Reactive oxidative species (ROS) in hypertensive patients
Ms. Hardip Kaur a/p Pretam Singh Dhillon Women’s health, in particular health issues during menopause
Associate Professor Dr Md. Ezharul Hoque Chowdhury Biotechnology, nanoscience and nanotechnology, and biology
Dr Kyi Kyi Tha Neuropharmacology, clinical pharmacology and drug addiction
Dr Rafidah Atan Acute care, trauma and intensive care
Dr Lau Choon Ping Orthopaedic surgery
Dr Satoshi Ogawa Mechanism of regulation of kisspeptin, nuclear receptors and gonadotropin-releasing hormone, a pivotal molecule in the control of reproduction
Dr Vanassa Ratnasingam General practice and family medicine
Dr Khoo Boo Aik Extremely premature infants, infection control and prevention in NICU, paediatric infectious diseases and paediatric dermatology
Dr Tam Cai Lian Variety of challenges facing adolescents in modern Malaysia with a particular emphasis on family functioning, parental roles, parenting style and children’s development that relate with academic performance and self-esteem, marital conflict and strategies to improve marital quality
Dr Nisha Angela Dominic Obstetrics and gynaecology
Dr Shogo Moriya Reproductive aging
Dr Ng Khuen Yen Therapeutic effects of traditional Chinese medicine such as edible bird nest
Dr Miriam Sang-Ah Park Social change and its implications for individual values, family views and political beliefs, cultural orientations and self-construals, and family democratisation in different societies
Dr Saraswati S Velu Polyphenol chemistry particularly in synthesizing oligostilbenoids/stilbenoids through biomimetic approach and understanding their mechanistic pathways with the aid of computational simulations
Dr Jasmine Loo May Yee Pathological gambling and problem gambling, addictions (e.g. internet addiction), responsible gaming, cross-cultural psychology, positive psychology
Dr Dipti Chourasia Neuronal microRNAs in regulating reproductive function
Dr Amutha Ramadas Nutrition, prevention and management of non-communicable chronic diseases, and biostatistics
Dr Ho Loon Shin Family medicine
Dr Nafees Ahemed MY   Design and synthesis of new chemical entities (NCEs) for biological evaluation, to explore the functions of biologically active lead structures by modifying them (lead optimisation) and enhancing the biological or medical significance with simpler scaffolds designed for ease of synthesis, development of new synthetic methodologies for construction of various heterocyclic ring systems present in natural products, design and development of new reactions, methods, reagents, and strategies that introduce fundamentally novel ways of synthesizing complex molecules of biological or medicinal significance, molecular docking and computational simulation studies, study of structure activity relationship (SAR) of synthesized derivatives for various biological activities, total synthesis of biologically active natural products                                    
Dr Priyia Pusparajah Risk factors for necrotizing enterocolitis
Dr Lee Learn Han Study of miRNA expression in head and neck cancer, molecular characterization and antimicrobial resistance profiling of Salmonella enterica, and the investigation of microbial diversity using molecular methods