Making the best of your uni life

Monash Buzz - Making the best of your uni life

Some look forward to it. Some dread it. Truth is, transitioning from high school to university may not be as easy ABC, but once you know what to expect when you step foot on the grounds that will one day be your alma mater, the transition will be easier.

The one thing that will probably cross most of your minds is the freedom that comes from leaving home or the freedom of making fashion statements. Some of you may even wonder if you’ll be able to make friends. One thing is definite - your university life will be the busiest time of your life. So how do you cope? Below are some key tips:

  • Make friends - You don’t have to be a social butterfly but be friendly and make new friends as they will be the ones with you throughout your years in the varsity. When the going gets tough, you’ll have their shoulders to cry on and they’ll even be your unofficial ‘vent-out’ diaries.
  • Join clubs and societies - It’s one of the best ways of meeting new people and finding people who share the same interest. You may even discover a new skill.
  • Know your way around town - Knowing your way around the town where your campus is located is essential. The life of a university student can be hectic, and knowing where to unwind can benefit your wellbeing. Foodies may also find new places to test out their taste buds.
  • Know your course reading list - Check out the books you are expected to read. Knowing the contents you’ll be studying is important if you want to get a head start and start prepping. You don’t have to buy all the books for a particular course. Simply check with your seniors or tutors and ask them about the absolute must-haves only.
  • Set a budget - Learn how to budget and not spend money like water (even water shouldn't be wasted). You may want to use that saved up cash for activities like bungee jumping and hiking and travelling. Nobody wants to survive on eating biscuits alone.

When it comes to starting university, everyone is on the same boat. Being nervous is normal. Simply be open minded and don’t even think about giving up. Your university life will undoubtedly be the best time of your life.