7 creative study hacks

Monash Buzz - 7 creative study hacks

Study week is fast approaching and there is so much studying to cram in before the exams. Here are seven creative and effective methods to make your study time more colourful and appealing.

1. Colour your notes

Taking notes can become routine. Take better notes by pretending you’re taking them for someone else. Get creative by using different colored pens. This will fire up your visual memory and make taking notes more enjoyable.

2. Read out loud

Reading out loud has proven to be one of the effective ways your “ear can hear what your mouth speaks”. You may feel a little funny when you attempt this at first, but give it a go! You will be surprised at how much more you can remember.

3. Go Times New Roman

There are plenty of fonts out there - beautiful ones, cool ones. But simply put, there’s a reason why Times New Roman is the default font on most applications. It is the fastest and easiest font to read.

4. Leave yourself a treat trail

Desperate times, desperate measures! Anything to make your study time more appealing. Get your favourite snacks and leave a treat-trail on your study notes or textbooks (at every sub-chapter). Reward yourself with the snack when you get to it.

5. Cold turkey on distracting sites

Social media and comedy sites can be very appealing, especially during your study week. Before you know it, three hours of your precious study time would have be burnt on those sites. Use a program or an app to block distracting sites on your computer - don’t worry you can surf to your heart’s content after exams.

6. Time for some shut-eye

You may think that studying a little more into the wee hours of the morning would do you good. On the contrary, when you sleep, your brain assimilates the information you have learned when studying, so getting a good night’s sleep will help you remember everything you need for your exam.

7. Take a walk

20 minutes of exercise has been proven through research, to be able to boost your memory and brain power. So go for a walk, or do some lunges right before you walk into the exam hall.

Other tips:

  • Put on some instrumental music very low in the background while you study or listen to hours of recorded lectures. It’ll help you focus through the boredom or dead air.
  • Spray an unfamiliar scent or chew a different gum while you’re studying, then do it again, right as you are about to take the test. The scent or taste will jog your memory.