Recognising academic minds

Low Quan Wei

Education can open many doors, but the lack of financial backing could be challenging for some students. 

When School of Science student Low Quan Wei found out that he was the recipient of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation - Monash Equity Scholarship, he knew the award was going to be a life-changing experience.

The Bachelor of Science major talked about his journey at Monash and his progress throughout the years.

"It is not always just about your grades, or how well you can cram your head with facts and figures. It's more than that. It's about the soft-skills you learn, like working with group mates that do not respond to your messages. It's about doing your part in changing the community and society around you for the better. And that is something that I have come to realise during my time here at Monash. Something that I have come to treasure," he said.

Low went on to say that despite being a necessity, education is considered a privilege to many.

"As scholars, we owe it to the rest to make the most out of our opportunity here at Monash, and to change the world for the better," he stated.

On 8 October 2019, 360 students were awarded for their notable achievements during the Scholarships and Awards Ceremony.

The ceremony recognised excellent scholars from nine scholarship categories:

  • Jeffrey Cheah Foundation - Monash Equity Scholarship

  • Monash Pharmacy Equity Scholarship

  • Monash High Achiever Award (for new students)

  • Monash High Achiever Award (for continuing students)

  • Monash Pharmacy Excellence Scholarship

  • Graduate Research Pathway Scholarship

  • The Star Education Fund

  • Master of Professional Counselling Scholarship

  • Master of Advanced Engineering Scholarship

Since January 2019, Monash University Malaysia has given a total scholarship value of about RM10 million. For more information on our scholarships, please click here.

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