Transforming the Library Seminar Room (7-2-03)

Dear Monash users,

Seminar room transformationI am pleased to inform that effective Wednesday 21 March 2019 renovation works will commence on Level 2 to transform the Library Seminar Room as an innovative learning space.

We anticipate the refurbishment project to be completed by 17 May 2019.

While the contractors will do their best to limit user disruption, you should expect hacking and drilling noise between 21 March and 30 April 2019 after business hours.

Please note that from 21 March 2019 to 25 March 2019 inclusive the Library lift will be disabled to allow the contractors to carry heavy equipment.

The below areas will be ‘off limits’ for the duration of the project until 17 May 2019:

  • Library Seminar Room, Level 2 (7-2-03)
  • Toilets on Level 2 and landing area adjacent to the Seminar Room
  • Other areas on Level 2 as necessary to ensure student safety at all times.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation while the project is in progress.

Isabelle Eula
Director, Library and Learning Commons