NeuroMalaysia Society

NeuroMalaysia Society was instituted to:

  • promote scientific communication between members of the society through regular meetings and publications.
  • advance research in basic and comparative neuroscience and the study of behaviours via laboratory experiments.
  • promote integration with other professionals bodies.
  • foster fundamental and comparative scientific research contributing to an understanding of the nervous system of higher brain functions, biological basis of behaviour and its disorders.
  • encourage and support junior scientists and graduates of science degrees to build human resource in neuroscience research.

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  • President: Professor Ishwar Parhar
  • Vice-President: Associate Professor Murali Naidu
  • Secretary: Dr Sharmili Vidyadaran
  • Treasurer: Dr Azlina Annuar

Committee members:

  • Professor Dr Harbindar Jeet Singh
  • Dr Geeta Selvarajah
  • Paul K Jambunathan

Contact Us

NeuroMalaysia Society
Brain Research Institute Monash Sunway (BRIMS)
Monash University Malaysia
(Building 3 Level 3)
Jalan Lagoon Selatan, 47500 Bandar Sunway
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

E-mail: /



  • Ordinary Membership

    • Professionally qualified person with a University Degree in any field of Science or who are actively involved in the fields of neuroscience and behaviour. Research publications relevant to the fields of neuroscience will be deemed as evidence of active involvement.
    • Candidates with other degrees engaged in fulltime teaching and/or research work in related areas in a university or research institute.
  • Associate Membership

    • Candidates who are not degree holders but have demonstrated an interest in neuroscience.
    • Associate members who have been members for 10 years continuously may apply to be ordinary members.
  • Honorary Membership

    • Eminent neuroscientists and/or scientists who have made outstanding contributions to neuroscience in Malaysia.
  • Student Membership

    • Students who are reading neuroscience and/or science or related subjects for a degree or equivalent: provided that a university or university-college student shall obtain the prior approval from his supervisor.


MembershipEntrance feeAnnual subscription
Ordinary member RM10 (Ringgit Malaysia Ten Only) RM100 (Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred Only)
Associate member RM10 (Ringgit Malaysia Ten Only) RM50 (Ringgit Malaysia Fifty Only)
Student member RM10 (Ringgit Malaysia Ten Only) RM25 (Ringgit Malaysia Twenty Five Only)
Honorary member NIL NIL

For registration, please download membership application form (MS doc, 510kb) and e-mail the completed form to


Past events

  • 3rd IBRO-APRC School of Neuroscience, 2012
    19th - 28th November 2012 at Monash University Malaysia
  • International Neuroscience Symposium 2012
    (29th - 30th November 2012)
  • Brain Awareness Day, 201218th March 2012
  • 2nd Annual Neuroscience Seminar, 2011
    23rd June 2011 at Dewan Kuliah Utama, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia
    8:15am to 5:10pm
  • Brain Awareness Day, 201120th March 2011 (Sunday) at Monash University Malaysia
    Brain Awareness Day 2011 was a joint effort by the NeuroMalayisa Society and Brain Research Institute Monash Sunway (BRIMS) to inspire within the general public an interest in brain and nervous system research.
  • Neuroscience Symposium, 2010
    13 - 14th October 2010 at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Malaysia
    In conjunction with the International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO) School of Neuroscience held at Monash University Malaysia, the NeuroMalaysia Society and Brain Research Institute at Monash University Sunway (BRIMS) organised a Neuroscience Symposium.
  • Annual Scientific Meeting of the Malaysian Society of Neuroscience, 2010
    21 - 23rd May 2010 at Le Meridian Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
  • Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology (MSPP) 24th Scientific Meeting
    2nd - 3rd June 2010 at SACC Convention Center, Shah Alam
  • 9th Annual General and Scientific Meeting, College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine
    Current Issues in Pathology
    25th - 28th June 2010 at Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia
    Post-conference workshops: Isolation and Analysis of Haematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs): A hands on guide (28th June 2010)
    Uropathology Seminar: Update on Prostate and Urothelial Tumours (27-28th June 2010)