JCSMHS Senior Lecturer appointed as new member of Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia

November 2021

JCSMHS Senior Lecturer Dr Vinod RMT Balasubramaniam has been appointed by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) as one of the new members of Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM).

Dr Vinod will partake in ASM’s science, technology, innovation and economy (STIE) agenda, particularly in realizing YSN-ASM’s Strategic Plan 2018–21 with the following objectives:

  • Researchers – Empowering young researchers as strategic partners and agents of change in shaping the national research agenda
  • Research Ecosystem – Fostering integrity and research excellence support network throughout the ecosystem
  • Progressive Society – Building a progressive society that embraces Science, Technology and Innovation as a way of life
  • Glocalisation – Playing a prominent role in international and local alliances to tackle national and global challenges

Dr Vinod’s appointment notes that ASM recognises Dr Vinod as one of the leading young scientists in Malaysia, continuing to excel in research and inspire a new generation of scientists. He is expected to participate in various ASM studies and initiatives to nurture the next generation of leaders in science.

YSN-ASM provides a solid platform for outstanding young Malaysian scientists from diverse scientific backgrounds and expertise to interact, coordinate, organize and rise to national and international challenges. It is also a platform for young scientists to collaborate nationally and internationally, positively impact Malaysia’s science, technology and innovation ecosystem and society at large in tandem. YSN-ASM is a member of the Global Young Academy (GYA), a worldwide organisation that facilitates networking among young scientists and serves as the voice of young scientists globally.

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