Entrepreneurship Speaker Series | Felicia Yoon

As part of our efforts to bring together university staff, students, industry and the community to address contemporary challenges, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub (eiHub) invited Social Entrepreneur, Felicia Yoon, Co-Founder of Arus Academy, a social enterprise that provides students of underprivileged backgrounds with opportunities for a quality education.

The former Teach for Malaysia teacher shared insights into her background and experiences that inspired her and her three co-founders to start Arus Academy.

Students and staff were deeply inspired by Felicia’s passion to help and empower students from high need schools to motivate them to build a passion by gaining new competencies, especially in becoming problem-solvers in the 21st century.

The co-founder of Arus Academy shared proudly on how some of her students went on to create their own movement to inspire girls in their schools to take up coding and programming as an additional skill.

At the end of the 60 minutes online session, Felicia left the audience with a challenge on how they could contribute meaningful ideas and solutions to provide better education opportunities for more students in the future.