Entrepreneurship Speaker Series | Brian Tan

To foster learning and inquisitiveness on all aspects of innovative entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub (eiHub) invited Brian Tan, CEO & Co-Founder, FutureLab, an online mentorship platform that connects students, working professionals, jobseekers and entrepreneurs with expert industry mentors across the region.

Brian shared insights into his educational and professional background and experiences that inspired him and his two co-founders to start FutureLab. Having a biochemistry background with a masters in management, he sought a career in management consultancy. The lack of available resources and guidance, which resulted in him not being able to pass his first interview, led him to see a big gap in the accessibility of mentorship in Malaysia.

FutureLab started with humble beginnings through monthly gatherings of mentors and mentees in a cafe, which lasted for a year, before Brian and his co-founders took the leap of faith to launch FutureLab as an edtech startup.

The five year old startup, which was built to help students and ambitious young professionals network with a wide range of industry experts, now manages and tracks large scale mentoring programs in learning institutions, corporations and startup accelerators in South East Asia.

At the end of the 60 minutes session, Brian left the audience inspired and challenged to be “impatiently patient”, persevere and take action in developing meaningful and creative solutions to societal challenges.


Brian Tan