Entrepreneurial Skills Series | Pitching (S1/2021)

In the program’s fourth module, “Pitching”, participants were introduced to a basic understanding of what makes a perfect pitch and the building blocks of pitch crafting in entrepreneurship. The pitch is an integral part of any entrepreneurial journey as it is typically the default way of engaging potential stakeholders.

Facilitating the session, eiHub’s Director, Dr Daniel Loy explained that, apart from being concise, customised and consisting of an ask, a pitch should also tell a story that compels the emotions of the audience. The participants then watched and discussed the strengths of several pitches presented by founders at pitching competitions.

Participants were further prompted to consider three key areas when designing their pitch deck, consisting of the design, usage and content. They were also cautioned that the purpose of a pitch deck was to strengthen and complement the pitch rather than be a crutch for the presenter.

The highlight of this module was when participants were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas and to obtain immediate feedback on their strengths and areas of improvement.