External grants

Engaging with industry and government is a central pillar of the School’s approach to promoting responsible management and building sustainable social, environmental and economic value. By actively collaborating with business, industry and the government to provide solutions to their challenges, the School is able to make a meaningful contribution to building sustainable economies and communities. The research projects highlighted below are funded by external organisations.

  • Developing smart manufacturing policies in APEC economies
  • CPA -Monash Business Sentiment Survey Report
  • Eval uating extent of tax evasion: A Malaysian study
  • Malaysia Knowledge Economy Phase III

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Monash University grants

In 2017, Monash University Malaysia provided seed funding to support research and development projects contributing to the sustainable development of the Sunway township where the campus is located. Staff from the School of Business were involved in all five of the multidisciplinary projects that were funded and their findings were presented at the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur 2018.

  • Aging in Sunway City
  • Monash-Sunway decarbonisation initiative
  • Sustainable intelligent transportation ecosystem
  • Solar concrete paver systems
  • River of sustainability

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School of Business seed grants

The School also provides seed grants to early career researchers that are specifically aimed to stimulate inter- and multidisciplinary work on research, scholarship and creative activity projects that explore new areas of research with high impact and future funding potential. Some of the seed grant projects undertaken in 2017 and 2018 that address SDGs include:

  • Legal and policy protection of minority language education – Tamil schools in Malaysia
  • Gender  diversity and financial reporting quality in Malaysian corporate boards
  • Diversification  of livelihood among the rural poor: A case study of the Temuan indigenous group in Malaysia

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