MIB Course Overview

KPT/JPT (R2/340/ 7/0168) 04/22 - MQA/SWA0111

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Globally, business people face an unprecedented level of domestic and international challenges and opportunities. The key to succeed in this rapidly changing environment is to maintain an overall and informed perspective of the key issues that shape the international political, legal and economic agendas.

With current trends in globalisation, changing world trade practices and an emphasis on multi and bilateral agreements, enterprises worldwide demand managers that are not only efficient and effective but innovative and creative as well.

Master of International Business

This course offers the opportunity to undertake an academically rigorous and professionally relevant program of study in contemporary international business issues. The International Business program is designed to equip you with an in-depth understanding of business and management issues from a global perspective. Knowledge gained from the course will provide graduates with the skills to lead their companies through the internationalisation process. The course is also relevant for those who seek career advancement in the public, inter-governmental and non-profit sectors, and others who wish to extend their skills in the analysis and interpretation of the global business environment.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are extensive, including strategy planning and analysis, strategic management, consultancy, international business, and export-import strategy within business and industries which have an international focus. Graduates will also be suitably trained for employment by multinational corporations.

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree or an equivalent qualification from a recognised tertiary institution with a minimum of 60% average; or hold an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) professional qualification, minimum WAM55.

English Language Requirements

All applicants must meet the University's minimum English language requirement.

Study location and mode: On-campus; full-time or part time

Intake: February and July each year

Total credit points required: 72

Duration (semesters): 3 semesters full-time (1.5 years), 6 semesters part-time (3 years)

Tuition fee (for whole course): RM 53,000 (Malaysian) & RM 58,300 (International)


The learning goals associated with this course are to:

  • develop the capacity for high-level analysis of international and trans-national investment, trade, and management strategy in the context of globalisation
  • acquire key skills in communication and negotiation across business cultures
  • develop the ability to deal with issues in the international non-profit and inter-governmental sectors as these affect multinational corporations, study the links between international business strategies and societies, economies and political and legal regimes
  • bridge the gap between the theory of firm internationalisation and the actual internationalisation process in practice.


There are twelve units to complete; eight core units and four electives. A minimum of four 5000-level units need to be completed to graduate

 Semester Unit Code Unit Name Pre-requisite Units
Core units 1 (Day) and 2 (Eve) BFM5959 Accounting and finance for international managers nil
1 (Eve) and 2 (Day) BTM5919 International Trade Law nil
1 (Eve) and 2 (Day) ECM5921 Introduction to international economics nil
1 (Eve) and 2 (Day) MGM5181 International business strategy MGC9660 / MGM 5966
1 (Day) and 2 (Eve) MGM5310 International management nil
1 (Eve) and 2 (Day) MGM5640 Cross cultural management communication nil
1 (Day) and 2 (Eve) MGM5966 International business theory and practice nil
1 (Day) and 2 (Eve) MKM5955 Marketing and the international consumer nil
Four (4) electives to be selected from the list 1 (Eve) BFF5915 Options, futures and risk management nil
2 (Eve) BFF5973 International finance nil
1 (Eve) MGX5461 Contemporary issues in globalisation nil
1 (Eve) MKX5260 International marketing MKX9550 / MKM5955
2 (Eve) MKX5931 International Dimensions of Electronic Business nil
2 (Eve) BTX5220 International issues in employment law BTX9190 / BTM5919
Research pathway unit 1(Day) and 2(Eve) *MGX5000 Introductory management research methods nil
Directed research unit *MGX5901 Research report (Introduction) MGX5000
Directed research unit *MGX5900 Research report MGX5901
Day - Day Classes
Eve - Evening Classes
* Strictly subject to approval by MIB Course Coordinator / MIB Director of Studies

Alternative exit(s)

Students wishing to exit the Master of International Business early may apply to graduate with one of the following, provided they have satisfied the requirements for that award:

    • Graduate Certificate in Business after successful completion of 24 credit points of study
    • Graduate Diploma in International Business after successful completion of 48 credit points of study including
  1. Four core units (24 credit points) in international business
  • BTX9190 International Trade Law
  • ECF9210 Introduction to International Economics
  • MGX9660 International Business Theory and Practice
  • MKX9550 Marketing and the International Consumer
  • Four electives from a set of eleven units
    • MGX5310 International Management Process
    • MGX5461 Contemporary Issues in Globalisation
    • MGX5310 International Management Process
    • MGX5461 Contemporary Issues in Globalisation
    • MGX5631 International Human Resource Management
    • MGX5730 International Trade Policy
    • AFF9150 Options Futures and Risk Management
    • AFX9730 International Finance
    • MGX9850 Human Resource Management
    • MKX5260 International Marketing
    • MKX9830 International Retailing

    Note: Electives are subject to change

    Award received on completion

    Master of International Business

    Extra-curricular workshops and seminars

    The ADEPT program is exclusively for current MIB students and comprises a series of workshops designed to further develop and enhance your academic skills. This program provides you with more opportunities to increase your study abilities and contribute to your study outcomes. ADEPT will help you develop better study habits, deepen your academic analysis skills, and refine and revise your communication skills.

    The Professional Development seminars will comprise a series of speakers from the industry and visits to companies. The aim of these seminars is to give the student a better understanding of international business practices of multinational organizations.

    How to apply

    1. Download the application form (PDF, 222KB)
    2. Post the completed application form together with required documentation to:

    Prospective Student Office (PSO)
    Monash University Sunway Campus
    46150 Petaling Jaya
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


    For more information please contact:

    Advancement Department, Monash University Sunway Campus

    Telephone: +603 55146000; Extension: 46198/46395 or ; Fax: +603 5514 6001; E-mail: info@monash.edu.my or chandra.t@monash.edu