Your first semester

Your first semester

To begin your studies at the School of Business, simply follow the steps outlined below on this webpage. Commencing students in the School of Business are highly recommended to use this webpage to better discover and develop their academic interests. By following the step-by-step instructions on this webpage, you can make an informed decision about the course and units you want to take.

Step 1:

Create Your Monash IT Account: Go to the Let's Begin webpage and follow the steps outlined there to create your Monash IT Account.

Step 2:

Read the Monash Handbook


B2026 - Bachelor of Business and Commerce


B2027 - Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Digital Media and Communication

Step 3:

Read the Course Map Planning Guide: To begin planning your course map


B2026 - Bachelor of Business and Commerce Course Map Planning Guide


B2027 - Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Digital Media and Communication Course Map Planning Guide

Step 4:

Download Unit Schedule here: Check out the list of units available, including core and elective units by major, and the prerequisites for the units, before enrolling.

Step 5:

Download Your Course Map Form here: You are ready to plan your course and get started on the path to success!

Step 6:

Activate WES and Enrol Your Units: Go to the Let's Begin webpage and follow the instructions to register your details and enrol your units in the WES. However, you should not be worried because you will be able to change your units throughout orientation.


All students will normally enrol in the following 4 units in their first semester:

  1. ACW1120 – Financial Accounting 1 (Accounting major - core unit);
    ACW1020 – Accounting in Business (Non-accounting major)
  2. ECW1101 – Introductory Microeconomics
  3. MGW1010 – Introduction to Management
  4. ETW1001 – Introduction to statistical analysis

Students can enrol in the remaining two (2) core units and two (2) second-year level units of their choice in their second semester if the prerequisites are met.


Students with credit exemptions should follow the course map guide and may proceed to the next level of units. Students must ensure that all prerequisites are met before enrolling.

Students must have been exempted from at least three (3) first-year level units in order to enrol in a second-year level unit. Students who wish to enrol in a third-year unit must have been exempted from at least two (2) second-year units.


Please visit the General Studies website for more information. The business course is designed in such a way that you will enrol for U2, U3 and U4 of the GS requirements regardless of which major you choose. You should enrol in U1. You can only get an exemption for U1 (National Language A) if you have a credit "C" grade in SPM Bahasa Melayu and have completed your General Studies requirements at another institution.

Step 7:

Attend the School Briefing Session: Information about the session will be available here closer to Orientation Week.

Step 8:

Meet the Majors: Watch videos from the respective School of Business major representatives about why their majors are a good fit for you and what you will gain from pursuing that major.