What students say

What students say

Wilbur Chin Jun Li (Summer 2013 Intern)
Interned at Accenture Malaysia (Management Consulting division)
Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Majors in Marketing, and Banking & Finance)

Why did you pursue an internship?As a complement to my CV, to get a feel of the working environment, and as a litmus test for the management consulting field.

How has the internship benefited you as a person and as a student?Prior to the internship, I was considering management consulting as a career path, and my internship at Accenture helped me gain confidence in my decision to pursue this path. Through working with a well-known MNC, I was able to get exposure to international standards and a world-class corporate culture. The exposure and experience gained allowed me to improve the quality of my assignments at university. Working with highly-capable people also served as an encouragement for me to improve the standard at which I approach any task in my daily life.

Edrea Jessica Terutung (Summer 2013 Intern)
Interned at BNP Paribas Malaysia (Finance and Control Division)
Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Major in Banking and Finance)

Why did you pursue an internship?Other than gaining a lot of experiences, doing an internship will also give you a broader view of what you are going to do in life. For me, I pursued an internship because of my curiosity towards the banking sector. Before my internship at BNP Paribas Malaysia, I questioned myself that in what way the subjects I'm studying now would benefit me later in my working life. And yes, my internship answered the question and also gave me a broader view of what I'm interested in and what I'm not.

How has the internship benefited you as a person and as a student?I have a vision of what is the next step that I'm going to do, because I approximately know what are the job descriptions in a particular division that I'm interested in. This experience has also helped me improve my learning experience in Monash, as now I know how the theories we learn in class can be applied to the working life later, and in my case, the banking sector.

Amirah Mohd Azra’ai (Summer 2013 Intern)
Interned at KPMG (Audit division)
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Why did you pursue an internship?I pursued an internship during the three-month semester break to make use of my time, instead of bumming around. Besides, I wanted to put to practice what I’ve learned in classroom to the real-world work environment. Thus, interning at KPMG’s audit department fulfilled my desire of learning and gaining the experience of working in a corporate firm.

How has the internship benefited you as a person and as a student?
The internship helped me in many ways. I grew more experienced as a person and discovered that the world of employment is not easy, as there are various people that we have to deal with; such as clients, colleagues and the upper management. However, it definitely made me develop my social skills and I’ve gained many acquaintances, as a result. As a student, the internship eased my understanding of the audit subject and I was able to apply what I’ve learned into my assignments. My internship experience was a fulfilling one and I’m glad I pursued it.

Fiona Mak Kar Yan (Summer Intern 2012 & 2013)
Bachelor of Business & Commerce (Majors in Marketing & Management)
Interned at Citibank (2013) & Bursa Malaysia (2012)

Why did you pursue an internship?
The reason is simply because I was curious about the working world and at the same time, I wanted to learn from a real-world perspective. Additionally, I wanted to expand my personal network and have the opportunity to gain valuable work experiences. Plus internships are a great way to bridge the gap between studying and working life.

How has the internship benefited you as a person and as a student?
Doing an internship during the break has certainly benefited me in many ways. One of it was it helped me realized what I wanted to major in. It was also a great platform to gain insides of the working world too. All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and an insightful experience, which I had a splendid time!

Jiaway Koh (Winter Intern 2014)
Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Communications (Majors in Marketing and Communications)
Interned at Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) - Social Media Management

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door" - Milton Berle.

I have always been contented with the idea that good grades and with a few selected skill sets would get me far in the working industry. I was never interested in picking up new skills or to ever have to learn anything other than what was written in textbooks. I waited for opportunities instead of pursuing them. And that is why they never showed up.

Everything changed in early 2014 when I was inspired by Joel Neoh, founder of Groupon Malaysia, to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to pick up different skills and knowledge. It was a series of events that happened this year and when I was aware that the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) was looking for an intern, I quickly took the opportunity to join the program. I was assigned the task of handling MaGIC's social media; covering all kinds of startup events and assisting in a project called wearemy.com.

While my internship had only lasted for approximately 7 weeks, I left MaGIC with a heavy heart but also with so much experience, knowledge, and skills that I am sure would not be obtained anywhere else on such a short amount of time.