FAQ - Industry placement unit

FAQ - Industry Placement Unit

Following are the frequently asked questions about BEW3110 Work Experience Program

Q1. What are the unit details for BEW3110 Work Experience Program?

Refer to Monash Handbook.

Q2. How does the Industry Placement Units differ from regular internships?

Industry placement units are credit-bearing internships that students pursue along with on-campus workshops and written assessments, and attain credit points upon successful completion of the unit. While, regular internships are not credit-bearing.

Q3. Will BEW3100 Work Placement Program be offered in 2021?

No, only BEW3110 Work Experience Program will be offered from 2021 onwards.

Q4. Who can apply for Industry Placement Unit?

BEW3110  is open to all Business students at Monash University Malaysia who meet the unit eligibility requirements.

Q5. What are the unit  eligibility requirements?

You have achieved 96 credit points at the time of unit enrollment.

Q6. How to apply for the WEP?

Follow the instructions to apply here.

Q7. When should I start looking for internships?

Start early (3 - 4 months before your expected internship start date) by preparing your application documents (resume, cover letter, academic transcript, etc.) and researching the organisations that you intend to intern at.

Q8. What is the expected duration for internships?

You are required to undertake an internship for a minimum of 40 working days. Employers may prefer a minimum commitment of 3 months or more, as longer internships provide interns with greater exposure to the organisation’s operations.

Q9. What is the expected duration for the report submission?

All assessment due dates for BEW3110 will be posted on Moodle.

Q10. Are internships paid?

In most instances host organisations offer a monthly allowance or subsidise your transport costs. However, it is very rare to negotiate a salary for an internship.

Q11. Can I pursue an internship with any organisation?

Yes, if the company meets these requirements:

  • Is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). You can conduct a search using the company’s registration number here.
  • The company provides you with an internship offer (must be explicitly stated in the offer letter), not part time employment or any other employment arrangements.
  • The business is not owned by yourself or a family-member directly related to you.

Q12. What will I be doing during my internship/volunteerism?

Expect to progressively gain hands-on experience of the day-to-day operations of the organisation. Initially your duties may include a wide range of administrative and secretarial support – processing mail, data entry, filing, sorting through documents or scheduling appointments.

As your placement progresses, you may be assigned tasks with greater responsibility that a key member of the organisation would normally do. And if you have not been assigned enough work, speak to your supervisor about your readiness to take on more tasks or ask for more work when you have completed you current task.

Q13. Can I pursue an internship abroad?

Yes. The internship must be with:

  • a legitimate company that is registered in the country you are returning to/ residing in
  • employer must provide you with an internship offer letter
  • Internship offer letter must state your position as either “intern” or “practical trainee”
  • internship duration must be for at least 40 working days (or 8 weeks).

Q14. Must I only pursue an internship that is related to the profession of my major?

Not necessary, as the reflective report for this unit does not require theoretical research.

Q15. Should I expect a job offer from my employer after completing an internship?

No. However, your good performance and the relationships built through the internship can lead to future employment opportunities either with your host employer or their industry partners.

Q16. Will I receive a certificate of recognition from Monash Business when my internship is completed?

Yes. You must complete the unit and submit your Intern Feedback form at the end of your internship.