Natalie Siew Xin-Yin

Full name: Natalie Siew Xin-Yin
Age: 23
Nationality: Malaysian

Bachelor of Science (Medical Bioscience), 2016

If you are working, who is your current employer and what is your role?

I am working as an assistant teacher in the International School @ ParkCity located in Desa ParkCity. I help assist the Humanities department teachers in the management of secondary students. Providing general support and one-to-one assistance for the students and also providing extra support to students with special needs or those who speaks English as a Second Language (ESL).

Why did you choose Monash Malaysia?

I chose Monash Malaysia as it is one of the most prestigious universities around the globe. Besides that, I liked the approach Monash Malaysia takes to my course and has excellent facilities for students to use.

While at Monash, what type of opportunities did you participate in?

I got to represent Monash Malaysia in the girl’s basketball team at various basketball competitions. Furthermore, I was able to exchange to Monash Clayton Campus during my second year of studies.

What insights, skills or experience made a difference to your own life or the lives of others around you?

Teamwork. Developing teamwork abilities to collaborate effectively with others in carrying out complex tasks, to share the work of the task, to contribute and respond to ideas. Moreover, learning an openness to critique to improve myself in terms of knowledge and skills from my lecturers and lab demonstrators.

Whilst at Monash, did you have any industry exposure/placements? How has it benefited you?

I did have industry exposure in my second year of study in Monash. I was placed in a hospital medical laboratory for 2 months where I was able to apply what I’ve learned in my studies as well as gain more knowledge through my internship. It helped me to gain a deeper insight to the work that a biomedical science graduate does in a realistic work environment as I got to deal with real-life samples everyday!

What do you love most about your student life at Monash?

It would definitely be the opportunity to exchange to Monash Clayton, participated in a Piano Masterclass and Recital when I was in Melbourne, as well as representing Opinicus basketball team at the Monash Cup.

Outside work or study were you able to build on your interest i.e. volunteering, mentoring other students, other educational pursuit?

Definitely! During the time when I was still studying at Monash, I was really involved in my youth group in my church. I had the opportunity to help assist and teach the Catholic Faith and Bible to the Myanmar Refugee Kids. Besides that, organising caroling during Christmas seasons where all the funds went to orphanages, or retirement homes in KL.

What is your goal/dream in life, where are you headed to in the future?

I will be enrolling in a Masters in Teaching and Learning program where I aspire to be a science educator and to share the knowledge of science to the younger generations to come!

What is your advice to current Monash Malaysia students?

I would say constantly study hard, but most importantly have lots of fun! Step out of your comfort zone and participate in events or activities that you wouldn’t have imagined you would be doing when you were younger! And most importantly, be yourself and cherish every moment and experiences you have in Monash!