Melody Ang Xing Yuen

Melody Ang Xing Yuen, a Medical Bioscience graduate, recently won the best graduate award for the Master of International Business (MIB) program. We spoke to Ang on her decision to pursue the postgraduate program in Monash Malaysia.

How do you find your degree program? What do you like best about it? What are the most challenging aspects of it?

I graduated with a degree in Medical Bioscience from the School of Science. Personally, I found it to be more theory and research based, taught in a lecture style. The things I learned were also very broad, and is not as in-depth.

What I enjoyed most about my time as an undergraduate was when I took up a summer research program. During that time, my supervisor, Dr Cheow Yuen Lin really developed my presentation skills, lab research skills, analytical skills and also writing skills.

This stint allowed me to apply what I learned during my degree program, as I tackled research for the first time. The only part which I found challenging was the weekly lab sessions and having to write the subsequent lab reports. However, I believe that it is the challenges, and learning how to deal with them, gave me the necessary skills to tackle my Master’s program.

What made you want to pursue MIB?

I wanted to pursue MIB as I realised that being a science student, business was very foreign to me. I didn’t understand business concepts and how the real world works. I was even struggling to understand the value of money. It was also a slow realisation for me that the working world is far more complicated, and to survive, it’s better to be equipped with some business knowledge. Thus, began my MIB journey.

Why did you choose Monash to pursue your higher degree?

I chose Monash to pursue my higher degree because I was already familiar with the university. Besides that, Monash is a very good university in terms of its ranking among other universities.

How do you feel winning the best graduate award?

Honestly, I was very surprised and honored to be given this award. I am very thankful to God for all His blessings. This award is an affirmation to me. I am hoping that with this award, it will motivate me to go further, and achieve more.

What are your future goals and career ambitions?

I plan to pursue my PhD next, as I aspire to be either a consultant or an academic. At the moment, besides tutoring for Monash, I am also working with a think-tank, Anbound, which is further developing my research and advisory skills.