Kimberly Wan Mei Wah

Age: 24
Nationality: Malaysian

Bachelor of Arts & Social Science (International Studies), 2014

Tell us briefly about your work or role in your current organisation.

In 2016, I co-founded a start up by the name of Otomate Me with my business partner (an alumnus of Monash University Malaysia).

What we do is develop and deploy “value-nurturing” automation software for brands and businesses.

My role in the business is multi-faceted and requires me to wear many hats at different times of the day. This can range from:-

  • Business development to win a client, to
  • Brainstorming with existing clients on how to add value to their business by way of using our tools,
  • Internal and external people management,
  • Project management,
  • Marketing direction and execution,
  • Ensuring personal and professional development for both myself and my team, and more.

How has your study in Monash Malaysia helped to prepare you for the working world?

To a degree, I believe that my study in Monash Malaysia has helped mould me into an informed and educated citizen which can contribute to the world. To add, attending university isn’t enough to prepare one for the working world as this had to come with actual work experience.

However, what the SASS degree gave me was the opportunity to broaden my horizons intellectually by giving me the chance to learn and critically dissect events that occurred in the real world.

Additionally, I believe that the Arts degree attracts individuals who are inquisitive by nature. As a result, I found that being around fellow course mates who had varying perspectives to be mentally stimulating and thought provoking.

Whilst at Monash, what type of opportunities did you participate in, for example internship/industry placement, student exchange or clubs/societies? Describe how these opportunities/exposure enhance your employability skills.

I had taken up 3 opportunities while at Monash:

  • Internship with an Australian organic skin care company in Sydney and their counterpart in Malaysia. This was to gain real-world insights into the mechanics of their business and how the working environments differed in both countries.
  • Student exchange program in Melbourne, Australia at the Clayton campus. I was able to compare and contrast the teaching methods between both the Australian and Malaysian counterparts. Being abroad also meant that upon returning to Malaysia, employers viewed my time abroad as a plus in comparison to only having studied in Malaysia.
  • Model United Nations (MUN): representing DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee) dealing with issues regarding the promotion, establishment, and subsequent maintenance of global peace while simultaneously working to present weapon proliferation.

Ultimately, DISEC is only able to make recommendations to the Security Council for consideration,

What do you love most about your student life at Monash?

The diversity of my fellow course mates. I was able to be exposed to different world views, styles of thinking and debating, and at the same time managed to gain some lifelong friends.

Things I believe need more attention at the university level:-

  • The importance of skill development and cultivating the mindset for it. Not merely the degree undertaken. Reason being how quickly the world is changing and what that means for students and graduates.
  • Networking is essential because 5-10 years down the line from your university days, there will always be a bond which can lead to joint business ventures or business opportunities.
  • We must continuously find ways to overcome adversity and find ways to reinvent ourselves.