Ahila Ganesan

Best MBA Graduate

How did you find your degree program? What did you like best about it? What were the challenging aspects of it?

The Monash MBA program is holistic and I especially appreciated the small intake that led to a closer knit cohort. The most challenging aspect of the MBA was the time management. As a working mother of two young children below the age of 5, embarking on a MBA was a serious test of my determination. This was even more evident as I had to travel 3 times a week from Penang for classes and meet-ups with my group for assignments. I take pride in balancing my role as a wife, mother and a career woman but I would not have been able to do it without the support of my family as well as my line managers at work.

What made you want to pursue a MBA?

An MBA was essential at that juncture of my career as I had reached a level of management that required a more mature thought process and financial acumen. Furthermore, an MBA would help me to hone my leadership skills that was crucial to help me progress in my career.

Why did you choose Monash to pursue your higher degree?

Monash University was my top pick for an MBA as the diverse Curriculum and Accreditation would be an excellent accelerator for my professional development and movement up the corporate ladder. Furthermore, with a cohort program I met diverse and talented people that will provide for better personal growth and building a stellar network.  

How do you feel winning the best graduate award?

I feel elated! All the sacrifices and time spent away from my family was not in vain.

What are your future goals and career ambitions?

I hope to continue to advance up the corporate ladder in my current workplace. Also, in the future, when my children are older, I hope to work on some endeavour that has a social enterprise angle to it.