10 Reasons to Choose Monash University Malaysia

1) Prestigious Australian Degree

Obtain a prestigious, internationally recognised Monash University degree. Recognised by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, and quality assured by Monash University Australia and the Australian Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

2) Study in Australia

Opportunity to spend some time as an exchange student at Monash University Australia, or to transfer to Monash University Australia after completing at least one year at Monash University Malaysia.

3) Value for Money

Tuition and living expenses significantly less than studying and living in Australia, the US or UK, providing value for money.

4) Quality Research

Access to high quality research-active academic staff with strong industry connections, and state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities.

5) Accessibility

Simplified admissions, payment and visa procedures, and the availability of scholarships for academically meritorious students.

6) Fun and Safe Environment

Safe, secure and inexpensive on-campus accommodation, and a lifestyle offering a range of extra-curricular, sporting and recreational opportunities.

7) Vibrant Culture

Multicultural student population providing support and cultural networks in a dynamic, cosmopolitan, moderate, Muslim environment.

8) Closer to Home

Proximity to countries in the Indian sub-continent and Asian regions.

9) Graduate Outcomes

Excellent employment and career prospects upon completion of studies.

10) Global Family

Life-long world-wide connections through a global alumni network.